Ketu Dasa

Dasa Periods of Planets - Ketu

Ketu Dasa - 7 years

Ketu Bukthi - 4 months 27 days

Mental worry due to son or wife, loss of

money, poison, fear, a general set back and check in life.

Venus Bukthi - 1 years 2 months

Success in undertaking, birth of child, ill health to children, fever or dysentry.

Sun Bukthi - 4 months 6 days

Check in business, expansion of knowlege, uneasiness, travel, health of wife giving anxiety and worry.

Moon Bukthi - 7 months

Financial improvements, loss or mental uneasiness, disease through water or cold, troubles from children.

Mars Bukthi - 4 months 27 days

A general anxiety about children, quarrels in family, increase of enemies, punishments, death, operation in the body.

Rahu Bukthi - 1 year 18 days

Royal or government punishments, blood poison, loss of wealth or property, loss in business, visiting prostitute homes for pleasure.

Jupiter Bukthi - 11 months 6 days

Contact with persons of high status, happiness through wife, marriage, increase in holdings, profits in business.

Saturn Bukthi - 1 year 1 month 9 days

Prison life conditions, loss of money in many ways, strained feelings with relations, exile to far off places, change of house.

Mercury Bukthi - 11 months 27 days

Money from mental pursuits, children giving worry and anxiety, failure of ideas or plans, fear from relations, etc.

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