Vedic Astrology

Astrology is the study of the effect of the planetary movements in the sky on the lives of humans and other mundane affairs. It is based on astronomical data, that is the exact position of the planets at any time and at any place in the zodiac sky. Backed by this data, astrologers erect charts and analyze the various positions relating to various aspects of one's life. It has been practiced around the world from time immemorial.

Despite modern scientific awareness, astrology holds good even among the educated populace the world over, irrespective of caste and creed.

Indian astrology is probably one of the oldest such system of astrological studies. But it varies to a larger extent from its western counterparts. Indian astrology charts are prepared using the date, time and place of any individual to erect his/her natal chart. Then the chart is studied for various aspects like family, children, marriage, career, finances, diseases, death, etc.

Out of all the astrological methods, the Indian or Vedic is said to be more accurate and authentic as it is backed by facts and rules that had developed over a period of time by ancient seers and sages based in the Indian subcontinent. It is also called as Jyotisha or Hindu astro.

In Indian system the planets also called the "Grahas" are said to play an important role in determining the fate of an individual. It also believes that the fortunes and misfortunes that one experiences in this birth is due to his karma - that is his deeds of the past.

While Western system focus more on Sun and its relative position, Indian astrological studies are based on the position of Moon. In Indian astrology, when a child is born a natal chart or the birth chart is erected immediately as per the time and place of birth of the child. This becomes the identity of the child throughout his entire life to forecast and analyzed. The term "Dasa" is widely used in studies where it represents the timeline when a particular planet holds sway over the individual's life.

According to Indian sytem, the sky is divided into twelve equal parts that are called as constellations. The houses are also called the "Rashis &and they are counted from the house occupied by the Moon.

They are:

Aries- Mesha Taurus- Rishabha Gemini- Mithuna Cancer- Kataka Leo-Simha Virgo-Kanni Libra- Tula Scorpio- Virschikha Sagittarius- Dhanus Capricorn- Makara Aquarius- Kumbha Pisces- Meena.