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Astrology Systems

systems of astrology

Vedic Astrology

is a "sidereal"

astrology. It

uses the



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The Astrologer


The Vedic

astrologer usually

functions as

a life counselor,

able to address

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Three models

of vedic astrology

Models of vedic

Predictive astrology

aims at predicting

specific events

in life. These

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Four aims

of life

Four aims of Life

Vedic Science

traditionally recognizes

four legitimate


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Planetary Types

Planetary Types

One of the best

ways to understand

people is according

to their

planetary types.

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Planetary Variations

Planetary types Variations

We can see

all the variations

in human types

in planetary


We can understand

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Planetary Influences

Planetary Influences

While the basic

planetary type

is crucial,

we must remember

that each

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The Houses


Houses that

give wealth

should be strong,

tenanted or

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Planets by


Planets by Ascendant

The following

defines each


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Shadbala is

an elaborate

system of computations

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Horoscope Judgement

The signs

represent the

field of

activity. The



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Business Astrology

Business Astrology

The Moon represents

our capacity

to influence people,

to have an impact

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