Four Aims of Life

Vedic Science traditionally recognizes four legitimate aims or goals of human life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha Vedic Astrology recognizes the validity of all four aims and is oriented to facilitate the human being in the attainment of each of them. Yet in Vedic Science the first three, career, wealth and enjoyment are subordinate to the last, spiritual liberation.

Liberation is the primary and essential goal for all human beings. Without it, the other goals have no real meaning in life. The others are merely a support for it and have no validity in themselves. An astrologer using the Vedic system should, therefore,

give a comprehensive view of all the domains of life.Yet he should focus on liberation and the spiritual life. This does not mean to take the role of a guru but to show the higher usages that can be made of the planetary energies and circumstances in ones life.

Four Aims of Life


means "principle or law" and refers to the fulfillment of our right purpose in life. It includes the honor or recognition we attain through our actions on a personal and professional level, specifically through the medium of career.


means "achievement of goals" and relates specifically to the acquisition of material resources required to fulfill ones dharma in life. It relates to income and wealth.


means literally "desire" and refers to our need for emotional and sensory happiness. As such, we could call it "enjoyment."


means "freedom" or liberation and relates to our need for spiritual growth, including transcendence of the above three lower values.

From the Vedic perspective, a chart that is good for liberation but not for the other domains of life is a much better chart to have than one that is good for the lesser goals but not for the spiritual life.

As a foundation for the four aims of life, astrology addresses the need for health, or freedom from disease. This is the basis for the four aims of life, for without health, what else can be accomplished. Yet health is not just physical, it is also mental. So astrology must consider physical and mental health or physical health and psychological well being as the means of approaching all the goals of life. Hence, medical and psychological astrology, after spiritual astrology, are its most important branches.

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