Four Aims of Life

Artha, wealth, refers to all necessary means of material livelihood and security, not simply the pursuit of material gain. The astrologer should be able to counsel his clients on how to best use their material potential in life.This is in directing it towards spiritual or dharmic ends, not simply pursuing money for the power or status that it may afford.

Indications in the Chart

The planets that rule Artha are Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter governs our capacity for gains and abundance generally. Mercury rules our ability for commerce and exchange. Venus also gives wealth and comfort, art or luxury. Saturn tends to create poverty , though it can give us property and other hard or fixed assets.

Houses of artha are the second, sixth and tenth. The second shows how we gain our personal livelihood. The sixth shows work capacity and money from sources such as insurance or legal settlements. The tenth shows career gains, staus and achievement.


In particular, we should take into account the influences on the second and eleventh houses and their lords. The second governs our ability to earn through our own labor, the eleventh to gain income from various sources. After these we should consider the fourth, fifth and ninth houses and their lords, which all give wealth. The fourth gives property and vehicles. The fifth gives gain through counseling, advice and speculation, like the stock market. The ninth gives grace and fortune, like the winning of lotteries.

The twelfth, sixth and eighth houses and their rulers tend to limit wealth. The twelfth shows loss and expenses. This in itself may not create poverty if the houses of income are strong. The sixth gives loss through disease, enmity, legal problems, overwork or lack of recognition. The eighth shows difficulties, obstacles, oppression, lack of recognition or bad reputation.