Four Aims of Life


Dharma, career, refers to right vocation and the happiness inherent in fulfilling one's capacities for right action in life.One's true Dharma is that of one's soul, our heart's vocation, not what society imposes upon us. Yet most of what we call Dharma is revealed by our occupation in life, how we earn our livelihood.

Under this concept are also included honor, position, status, fame, prestige and power. These show our social dharma and its effects, how our character affects the world.

Indications in the Chart:

Dharma is related to Artha. Usually it is through our career that we seek wealth. Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun are the main planets that rule Dharma. Mercury shows how we function and communicate in society. Jupiter shows the role or law we like to follow in life, our guiding principles and the goals we seek. The Sun shows our ability to project our character and personality, the influence of our nature on the world.

Comparison of Suns:

As the Sun represents our self or ego, it shows how the private sides of our nature can relate. If there is no relationship between the Suns of two charts, or if they do not relate via other planetary influences, however close the two people may be on the deepest level of the self, they will remain separate or alone.


Dharma houses are the first, which shows our personal dharma and responsibility to self, the fifth which shows our creative dharma and responsibility to children, and the ninth that shows our spiritual and social dharma.

For house influences, we should note that of the first, ninth and tenth houses and their lords. The first tells us who we are generally; it is the measure of our identity and action in the world. The ninth shows the goals or profession we aspire to. The tenth measures our capacity to impact the world karmically. It shows how our personality appears in the world. It shows how our dharma achieves artha, or value, both for ourselves and for society.