Four Aims of Life

Kama, enjoyment, refers to all legitimate sensory enjoyments, not just pleasure in the gross sense but the enjoyments natural to the right use of the senses.To enjoy life,to appreciate the beauty of nature, true art and loving communication between human beings, is part of the fulfillment of our soul and need not be denied for spiritual growth.

In fact, all life is a seeking of happiness. It springs from joy itself. Our enjoyment or pleasure in life is largely through relationship, which includes sexuality. Hence, relationship is the main factor of Kama and its issues of love, marriage, partnership and children. The higher level of Kama or enjoyment relates to our artistic sense. The highest level relates to our capacity for devotion, our openness to Divine love, beauty and delight.

Indications in the Chart

The planet that rules Kama is Venus, the planet of desire. According to its position in the chart, our capacity for enjoyment or Kama can be read. Mars is also important as it shows our goal-seeking in life. Aligned to Venus, it often takes us along the realm of desire. Jupiter gives us capacity for enjoyment or happiness of a more general nature, while Saturn tends to deny or limit it. Saturn aligned with Mars may cause us to seek perverted or unwholesome means of enjoyment.

Kama houses are three, seven and eleven. The third is the house of talents, hobbies, curiosities, interests and sports – personal kama. The seventh house is the house of love, marriage and fulfillment in human relationship – relationship kama. The eleventh is the house of friendship, expression, social and career gains – social kama. The fifth is also important as the house of romance, joy and creativity, the happiness that comes from dharma. The twelfth is the house of secret pleasures and hidden desires and has some relevance as well and also indicates the happiness that comes from moksha.