Planets By Ascendant

The following defines each planet by ascendant, its particular effects as lords of certain houses.The Sun, as ruler of house 5, is a planet of creative intelligence, progeny, counsel and good karma. It is very auspicious. It makes Aries types good lawyers, advisors or psychologists and gives them strong passions and good creativity. Yet it usually indicates that they will not have many children and can burn their

hearts out through too much willfulness, impulsiveness, drama and passion.



The Moon, as ruler of house 4, is a planet of emotion, home, happiness, and the mother. It is generally auspicious but according to some, suffers somewhat by owning an angle as a benefic. Hence, Aries types can suffer from being too emotional or worrying too much.


Mars, as ruler of houses 1 and 8, is a planet of the self and the body. It is generally auspicious but tainted by its ruler-ship of the eighth. It is a double indicator of longevity, ruling two houses of longevity. It shows that Aries people may be prone to vice or lack of ethics on one hand, or may conduct some profound research on the other. It shows a potential for them to be headstrong and impulsive, and potentially self destructive. Yet it can give deep insight and profound intelligence


Mercury, as ruler of houses 3 and 6, is a planet of energy, impulse, friendship, injury, disease, egoism, enmity, and prowess. It shows a potential for conflict with friends. Aries types generally possess an overly critical intellect, through which they can become involved in conflict and controversy. They can also suffer from nervous burnout from too much thinking. Hence, Mercury is generally inauspicious for Aries types.


Jupiter, as ruler of houses 9 and 12, is a spiritual planet giving grace and showing renunciation through wisdom. Aries types have a strong sense of principle and can be moved by a higher idealism and benevolence. On a more general level, it can give luck, fortune and status. It is very auspicious, perhaps the best planet for Aries.


Venus, as ruler of houses 2 and 7, is a planet of wealth and relationship, often showing gains through marriage and partnership, or multiple partners. For Aries types, partnership may be bound up with work and finances. They need to work with others to balance out their overly individualistic nature. Venus is inauspicious but not greatly so.


Saturn, as ruler of houses 10 and 11, is a planet of power, prestige, gains, impulse, injury, disease and egoism. Aries types have an ambition for success and achievement that tends to become excessive and must be controlled or it will lead to a fall. They can burn themselves out prematurely through overwork if afflicted. Saturn is perhaps the most inauspicious planet for Aries.


The Sun and Jupiter (rulers of houses 5 and 9) give spiritual power and character. Mercury and Saturn (ruling houses 6 and 11) show excessive impulsiveness and a critical nature. The Sun and Moon together (ruling houses 4 and 5) give a powerful impact on life and a strong creative nature. The Sun and Moon, or the Moon and Jupiter (lords of angles and trines together) give Raja Yoga (great prestige).

Aries is the most one sided of ascendants and, usually, the easiest to judge. This is because house and sign rulers always correspond. When the first sign marks the first house, all the other signs will mark the other corresponding houses. Hence, planets are double significators for Aries. The Moon, for example, indicates the mother by its nature and by its ruler-ship of the fourth house. Any influence on the Moon will, therefore, doubly affect the mother. For this reason, Aries ascendant can make for a very strong or a very weak chart.

As a cardinal and a fire sign, Aries types act with strength and decisiveness, which may be excessive. Their planets manifest this angularity. Aries types are good at starting things but may consume themselves like meteors. They have strong minds and much energy in their heads but can be headstrong.