Planets By Ascendant

The following defines each planet by ascendant, its particular effects as lords of certain houses.The Sun, as ruler of house 2, is a planet of speech, wealth, and education, giving good earning capacity and ruling powers. Yet it can give great expenditures and material responsibilities, if afflicted.

Cancer types put their soul into their communications. The Sun is generally neutral for them.



The Moon, as ruler of house 1, is the planet of self and basic orientation in life. It shows that for Cancer types their soul and emotions are closely linked. This affords them a great sympathy and sensitivity that may render them passive or influenced by social trends, which they can also become exponents of. Their heart is in human feeling and emotional considerations are very important for them. The Moon is auspicious as the lord of the ascendant.


Mars, as ruler of houses 5 and 10, gives great power. Cancer types need to marshal their energies and act with force and discipline in order to succeed in life. Mars is very auspicious and gives Raja Yoga. Yet as a natural malefic can still cause harm.


Mercury, the ruler of houses 3 and 12, shows their tendency towards loss of energy and mental power through too much emotion. They may also suffer losses through friends, as their alliances may be more based upon sentiment than true affinity or business sense. It is generally inauspicious.


Jupiter, as ruler of houses 6 and 9, shows their basic ethical nature and sympathy even towards enemies or foreigners. If weak, it shows losses through them. Excess of emotion over good fortune may cause problems as well. Jupiter is generally auspicious but at times can function negatively as lord of the sixth (particularly when several malefics are in the sixth).


Venus, as ruler of houses 4 and 11, shows their seeking of property and comfort in the home life. It is their planet of sensuality and shows the sentimentality and attachment they must learn to control. It often gives them gains through property or vehicles. It is generally inauspicious.


Saturn, as ruler of houses 7 and 8, shows their tendency to relationships with those of inferior status, who may be hard working or harsh in speech. This may lead them to some kind of disgrace or cause them self-examination. Cancer types tend to suffer in partnership. Their over emotionality may make them manipulative and dominating. Saturn is the most inauspicious planet for them.


For Cancer ascendant, Mars and Jupiter (rulers of houses 9 and 10) give political and social power and prestige. Mars gives Raja Yoga even by itself. Jupiter and the Sun (ruling houses 2 and 9) give intelligence. Mercury and Venus (ruling houses 3 and 11) give difficulties through too much emotion. Saturn and Venus (ruling 8 and 11) bring difficulties and downfall through excessive materialism.

As a cardinal and water sign, Cancer types are able to express their emotions and have an emotional impact on others. Their planets act with gentleness and force combined, seldom in a harsh manner. They often achieve much in life through their ability to relate to others and their diplomatic skills. Their own initial shyness and emotional sensitivity (lunar nature) often slows them down.