Planets By Ascendant

The following defines each planet by ascendant, its particular effects as lords of certain houses.The Sun, as ruler of house 6, shows the tendency of Pisces types to suffer from enemies, diseases or opposition. This causes them either to become very strong in themselves, sometimes even hostile and aggressive, or to

take a background role in life and drift irresolutely. The Sun for them is generally inauspicious.



The Moon, as ruler of house 5, shows their strong creative intelligence, their love of imagination and speculation, but also their tendency to be overly emotional or sentimental. It gives a love of children. The Moon is very auspicious for them as the lord of the house of good karma.


Mars, as ruler of houses 2 and 9, is their planet of grace and fortune. Pisces types prosper through learning to logically express and independently manifest their higher intuition. They benefit through the energy and decisive action of Mars. Mars is very auspicious for them.


Mercury, as ruler of houses 4 and 7, is a planet of home, happiness and relationship. The Pisces mind has a strong domestic orientation. They may marry at a young age and remarry later in a more stable way. Relationships may be superficial or fluctuating. They may be overly sensitive to them and hence prone to more worry about home and partner. Mercury is generally inauspicious, particularly when weak.


Jupiter, as ruler of houses 1 and 10, shows their strong need for outer success and social recognition in life to prove their self worth. It can render them somewhat conservative or identified with the government or country, followers of tradition and authority, or very orthodox in their beliefs. Jupiter is benefic as the lord of the ascendant.


Venus, as ruler of houses 3 and 8, is their indicator of disease and misfortune. Pisces types suffer from self indulgence, dissipation, and excess consumption of sugar, alcoholism, drugs and other forms of escapism. They may also come under the psychic or commercial domination of other people. Venus is rather inauspicious for them but largely because of their own actions.


Saturn, as ruler of houses 11 and 12, shows their alternating fortunes, their fluctuations between gain and loss, increase and decrease. Saturn here is a powerful malefic and can cause disease or suffering through a Piscean over sensitivity to the fluctuations of life.


Mars with Jupiter (rulers of 9 and 10) or the Moon with Jupiter (rulers of 5 and 10) can create Raja Yoga. Venus and Saturn (rulers of 8 and 11) can produce disease and misfortune. Mars with the Moon (rulers of 5 and 9) give good intelligence and beneficence. The Moon with Venus (rulers of 5 and 8) can give a profound or troubled intelligence.

Pisces, as a mutable and water sign, shows emotional sensitivity and variability. Its planets act in a similar dualistic and changeable manner. When their enthusiasm is high, they can accomplish much, but they find it hard to sustain a consistency of action.