Planets By Ascendant

The following defines each planet by ascendant, its particular effects as lords of certain houses. The Sun, as ruler of house 10, is a planet of power, prestige and position and indicates the nature of the individuals life action and realization. Scorpio types possess a strong will to succeed and to prevail and will work behind the scenes or in a devious manner to achieve their ends.

The Sun is considered generally auspicious (as a malefic ruling an angle).



The Moon, as ruler of house 9, is a spiritual planet indicating dharma, the guiding principle in life and the grace or fortune that follows it. Spirituality for Scorpio types is in lunar qualities of receptivity, devotion and contemplation. The Moon is perhaps their best planet, ruling the best of trines.


Mars, as ruler of houses 1 and 6, represents self and disease, both prosperity and difficulty. Scorpios tend to cause their own diseases or become their own worst enemies, as they tend to be too willful, fixed and obstinate in their behavior. Mars, though generally auspicious as the ruler of the ascendant, is tainted by its rulership of the sixth house.


Mercury, as ruler of houses 8 and 11, is a planet of destruction, violence, impulse and aggression, of injury arising from subconscious emotions. Yet it also shows the possibility of gain through profound thinking. Scorpio's strong critical intelligence is a two-edged sword and can harm the one who wields it. Though generally inauspicious, Mercury cannot cause as much harm for Mars-ruled ascendants as Mars does since its basic nature is benefic.


Jupiter, as ruler of houses 2 and 5, is a planet of speech, intelligence, education and wealth. It shows gain through children. Scorpios are often expressive, articulate and have good creative faculties. They may be good in sports or athletics, as they often possess good muscles. For them, Jupiter is very auspicious.


Venus, as ruler of houses 7 and 12, is a planet of passion and shows the potential of loss and sorrow through the marriage partner. Scorpio types tend towards excessive sexual passion, luxury and extravagance with such a sensual Venus. Venus is thus an inauspicious planet for this Ascendant.


Saturn, as ruler of houses 3 and 4, shows strong energy and sometimes violence arising from excessive impulse in the emotional nature. There is a strong drive to acquire property, to participate in public affairs and to benefit from friends. Saturn is probably the worst planet for Scorpio.


The Sun with the Moon (rulers of houses 9 and 10) give Raja Yoga, status and prestige. Jupiter (ruler of house 5) also gives general prosperity. Jupiter and the Moon (rulers of 5 and 9) give spiritual knowledge and a Sattvic (pure) mind. Mars with Mercury or Saturn (rulers of houses 6, 8 and 3) gives an aggressive disposition with hostility or inflicting of injury.

As a fixed and water sign, Scorpios are stable and determined and do not change quickly. Their planetary influences tend to remain constant and often get stuck as it were. They often work behind the scenes and are hard to see for what they really are.