Planets By Ascendant

The following defines each planet by ascendant, its particular effects as lords of certain houses.The Sun, as ruler of house 4, is a planet of emotion, home and happiness. It shows the tendency of Taurus types towards expansion through property and comfort, as well as their soul tendency towards grace or beauty.

Its shows their tendency to worry and possible separation from their home life in their attempt to expand their sphere of material development. It is generally neutral, considered slightly auspicious by some (by being a malefic ruling an angle), slightly inauspicious by others (by its basic nature).



The Moon, as ruler of house 3, is a planet of energy, interest, motivation, impulse and enthusiasm. It shows the strong sense of curiosity of Taurus types, which may lead them into artistic pursuits on one hand, or superficial hobbies on the other. It is generally inauspicious


Mars, as ruler of houses 7 and 12, is a planet of relationship, sexuality and passion. It indicates an impulse towards sensuality, which may lead to loss of energy and dissipation. It can also show financial loss or expenditure on relationship. It shows the Taurus capacity to aggression in relationship and their high passion levels. It is inauspicious.


Mercury, as ruler of houses 2 and 5, is a planet of speech, education, intelligence and creativity. It shows the inherent artistic and poetic sense of Taurus types their beauty and formal order of expression. They prosper through good communication. It is generally auspicious.


Jupiter, as ruler of houses 8 and 11, is a planet of willfulness, violence and destruction. It shows a danger towards excessive material expansion and self righteousness, and may cause obesity. It is generally inauspicious, its nature somewhat balanced by Jupiter's natural benefic qualities.


Venus, as ruler of houses 1 and 6, shows a tendency to work with foreigners. It shows how Taurus types can create their own diseases or enmity in life by their excessive inertia, obstinacy and clinging to form. It is generally auspicious but Venus is tainted somewhat by its ruler-ship of the sixth.


Saturn, as ruler of houses 9 and 10, gives honor, prestige, power, position and great skill. It shows the enduring drive towards practical achievement in the Taurus nature, which often does not become strong until old age. When Saturn is too strong, Taureans can be cold and controlling, neutralizing their otherwise grace. Saturn is very auspicious giving Raja Yoga.


The Moon, Mars and Jupiter (rulers of houses 3, 8 and 12) bring danger, rash action, and sudden downfalls. Mercury and Jupiter (ruling houses 5 and 11) together make for profound intelligence. Saturn gives Raja Yoga and great accomplishments, particularly if combined with Mercury, which can give them a spiritual nature. Venus and Mars together make for a highly sensual disposition and possible dissipation. For Taurus Venus gives more success if tempered by Saturn.

As a fixed and earth sign, Taurus types are slow to initiate things but very good at perfecting form. They are often conservative and once they are into something are slow to let go. Hence, the planets for Taurus manifest slowly but thoroughly.