Three Models of Vedic Astrology

Predictive Astrology:

Predictive astrology aims at predicting specific events in life. These are mainly mundane events such as the timing of marriage, birth of children, the time of death, onset of various diseases, accidents, financial gains or losses, times of good or bad fortune, the times of renunciation or liberation on a spiritual level.

The predictive astrologer aims at being able to predict events as specifically as possible. To this end, he may use not only the birth-chart but also divisional and horary charts. These predictions may extend into the world at large, predicting wars, earthquakes, election outcomes, economic trends, stock market activity and even the weather, which are all part of mundane astrology.Predictive astrology is linked to the timing of events. It is concerned with planetary periods, progressed charts, transits, horary charts and electional astrology, where timing is most important. It studies how outer events reflect astrological patterns and predicts the timing of their fructification.

From the standpoint of predictive astrology, the skill of the astrologer is judged by the accuracy of his or her predictions. The astrologer becomes a kind of weatherman for astral influences in life. There is not always something spiritual about such skill, but it can be allied with deeper insight. Such knowledge does not necessarily show us how to rightly deal with these events in our lives, although it can be combined with that as well.

Predictive Astrology

From the standpoint of Vedic Astrology, predictive ability is important in an astrologer and it is a skill that all Vedic astrologers should strive to develop. If we cannot determine the astrological influences behind the events of a person's life, we may not be able to determine how they affect them at a deeper level. Such outer events allow us to verify the chart and reflect the accuracy of our chart interpretations. This does not mean that we must always be able to tell our clients when specific things will occur to them on a daily basis but that at least we should be able to show them the major trends of their lives.

The predictive side of Vedic Astrology is probably the best of any astrological system and affords it much value. Many people approach it for this alone, particularly people from the modern world who have a more uncertain material life. But it should be used to help clients put the events of their lives in proper perspective, integrating it into a spiritual approach that shows them how to use these events for spiritual development.