Three Models of Vedic Astrology

The Astrology of Healing/ Yogic Astrology :

The Astrology of Healing/ Yogic Astrology : Astrology requires a healing method to be really useful. We must not only be able to recognize planetary influences in our lives; we need to know how to harmonize them. We must learn how to balance the planetary influences in their lives.

An astrology of healing has two levels: First, measures to treat our outer nature and, second, those to treat our inner nature. The outer nature, our body, senses and conditioned mind, can be treated by medical and psychological methods. Our inner nature, our soul, requires occult and yogic methods and ultimately rests upon our own effort to grow spiritually in life.Vedic Astrology is not just a predictive or interpretative system. It is also a remedial system with techniques and methods for balancing planetary influences. These are as essential as the interpretative side.

What use is it to tell people what is going to happen to them if we cannot give them a means of dealing with it. For this reason, Vedic astrology has remedial measures as gems, mantras, yantras, herbs, and color therapy.

Yogic Astrology