The Astrologer

The Vedic astrologer usually functions as a life counselor, able to address all domains of life, including health, psychology, career, relationship and spiritual issues.The astrologer can specialize in one area but needs to know something of the whole. Astrology shows us the basic energetics of our lives in all their different dimensions.

To be an astrologer, therefore, is a more holistic career than to be a doctor, psychologist or therapist of any kind. It requires a breadth of view and capacity to contemplate life as a whole. It may be the ultimate holistic occupation.

To really do Vedic Astrology requires an integral approach that covers all aspects of life. The astrologer should guide his or her client through the domains of life toward the full unfolding of the soul, not through giving rigid directions or predictions but through pointing out the full scope of the client's potentials along with practical tools for developing their energies properly.


The astrologer should therefore know Yoga, Ayurveda and related Vedic subjects in order to be competent in this comprehensive approach. It is not necessary to master all of these subjects before attempting astrological readings, but one should gradually learn their fundamentals. Some astrologers possess much knowledge intuitively. Others bring it forward from different kinds of learning that they have already done.

Good astrological knowledge itself may not be enough to be a good astrologer. Just because we can see how the stars affect people or when events may occur in their lives, this may not be enough to help them understand these events or use them properly. There may be those who are good astrologers in some way or another. They may have good predictive powers but they may be unable to guide anyone in the higher goals of life. This requires not only astrological knowledge but spiritual development and integrity. A Vedic Astrologer should himself/herself follow a spiritual discipline, practicing yoga, meditation, mantra or rituals daily, and leading a life of honesty and integrity. Their aim should not be to seek wealth, fame or power but to be of genuine service to their clients.