Vedic Astrology - Fundamentals

The Vedas


Vedas are

revelations of

ancient rishis.

They are

mantric in

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Types of Zodiacs

Types of Zodiacs

Limited part

of sky within

which planets

are seen is

called zodiac.

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Chart Types

Types of charts

Divisional charts

provide detail

and specificity

in the delineation

of planetary

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Planetary types

Planetary types of people

Venus type

person has

a good spiritual


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Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs

The three

qualities of

signs : They

are chara


corresponds to Brahma)

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Sign Characteristics

Characteristics Signs

It is physical,

negative sign

of Mars, fixed

water, number 8

and sexual organs

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House System

House System in vedic astrology

Ascendant (Udaya

lagna in

Sanskrit) is

the degree of

zodiac intersected

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House Qualities

House Qualities

Houses are

divided (based

on their

qualities) into

3 groups:

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House Characteristics

Characteristics of House

Third house's

name is bhratri

bhava (house

of brothers).

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Planetary Rulers

Planetary rulers

Two planets

principally influence

meanings of

any house:

its ruler

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The Ascendant



Virgo, as

the sixth sign

has the negative

indications of

sixth house

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Mahapurusha Yoga

is a planetary

combination, which

indicates great

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Planetary aspects

Planetary Aspects

Vedic astrology

judges aspects

not according

to the exact

degree of angle

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Planetary Periods

planetary periods

Dasha (planetary


literally means

"stage or condition

of life"

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Characteristics Signs

A transit,

or Gochara, is

the ongoing movement

of a planet

considered to birth.

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Planetary Strengths

Planetary Strengths

Shadbala is a

system of computation,

which aids in

determination of

planetary strengths.

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Planetary Positional

Planetary Positional

It shows

introvert nature

of individual.

More evolved

type will be

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Relationship Studies

Relationship Studies

The Moon represents

the general social

and emotional capacity

for good


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