Timing in Vedic Astrology

A transit, or Gochara, is the ongoing movement of a planet considered to the birth horoscope. The transit of the strongest planet or the lord of the Ascendant in the birth chart are always important. Special notice should be given to the transits of the planets ruling the major and minor periods, the dasha and bukti lords.

Transits have about 1/3 value in judging the effects of the periods. The rest is determined by the relationships between these planets in the birth chart.

Transits of Saturn to the natal Moon (Sade Sati) usually difficult:

Commonly Sade Sati causes Chatra Bhanga, the loss of those who protects us. Sade Sati does not act in isolation, confluence must exist to activate it, and appropriate dashas, Bhukti and Gocharas must support it. While in those charts in which Saturn promises good results and bad results of Sade Sati re sometimes greatly modified, the effects of Sade Sati depends substantially on Moon's rashi, and on its condition. A debiliated Moon, or Moon posited in Saturn's debilitation constellation, or in constellations owned by Saturn's enemies, tends to intensify the consequences. Since Sade Sati is sometimes also taken to apply to the Udaya Lagna, difficulties are likely to be compounded when the Moon occupies the twelfth, first or second houses in horoscope, for then the both types of Sade Sati will overlap.

Transits of major and minor period lords are important:

The dasha lord is considered to be casting an aspect on all the planets and houses but double so upon those it already aspects in birth chart. Generally the Bhukti lord will be considered to be casting an aspect on the Mahadasha lord, modifying the nature of its results. Chapter 20 of "Paladipika" states: "When a planet whose Dasha is in progress happens to pass (in transit) his own house, exaltation or a friendly house, he will promote the prosperity of the house it represents when counted from the Ascendant, provided that the planet us endowed with full strength at the birth time as well".

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