Planetary Strengths


Shadbala is a system of computation, which aids in determination of planetary strengths. A planet strong in Shadbala will have power in the chart. Shadbala tells if a planet is likely to have enough strength to fulfill its role in the chart.

Planetary Strengths

Main factors of positional strength (sthana bala):

1) Uccha Bala (exaltation strength): how close a planet is from its position of exaltation. 2) Saptavargaja Bala (divisional strength): its residential strength in the seven divisional charts. 3) Ojayugramasyamsa Bala (odd-even sign strength). 4) Kendra Bala (angular strength): its strength in terms of house position. 5) Drekkana Bala (decanate strength): its strength in terms of decanate location.

Main factors of temporal strength (kala bala):

1) Nathonnatha Bala (day-night strength). 2) Paksha Bala (monthly strength). 3) Tribanga Bala (4-hours strength). 4) Abdadhipati Bala (lord of the year strength). 5) Masadhipati Bala (lord of the month strength). 6) Varadhipati Bala (lord of day strength). 7) Hora Bala (lord of hour strength). 8) Ayana Bala (declinational strength). 9) Yuddha Bala (planetary war strength).

Directional strength (dig bala):

This is one of the main factors of planetary strength, which helps to understand the power of planets in the houses. The point of directional strength is similar to that of exaltation strength. Every planet have one houses position in which they gain directional strength: Sun and Mars, - tenth house; Saturn, - seventh house; Moon and Venus, - fourth house; Jupiter and Mercury, - first house. For this system to work, a house system must consider the Midheaven as the cusp of the tenth house.

Limitations of Shadbala:

Shadbala shows the basic strength and weakness of the planets but we have to look at chart for what they are empowered to do. Shadbala doesnt appear to adequately consider planetary aspects. It reads aspectual strength into its factors but this doesn't count for much 9it is rarely makes difference more then 5%). For chart reading aspects are more important then any Shadbala factors. Shadbala's factors sometimes cansel each other out. While its calculations are each useful to consider in themselves, it is not always useful to average them all out.