Characteristics of the Signs

The three qualities of signs:

Characteristics of the sign Scorpio:

It is physical, negative sign of Mars, fixed water,number 8 and sexual organs of Kalapurusha.Scorpio natives have well-developed muscles, like to exercise martial power. Mentally developed Scorpio people posses capacities for research, surgery and chemistry.

Spiritually grown Scorpio natives like to explore depth of mind and occult science. They have predispositions for practice of Tantra and their kundalini can be easily awakened.

They like to work with external and internal energies. They are perceptive and intelligent but prefer to remain behind the scenes. Scorpio native posses the power to express powerful emotions. Less evolved individuals of this type are prone to perversity, can become emotionally unbalanced and violent. They are very self critical and not satisfied with their abilities and achievements. Their subconscious level is very active.

Characteristics of the sign Pisces:

Pisces is the negative sign of Jupiter, mutable water, number 12 and feet of Kalapurusha. Natives of this sign posses complete display of all possibilities but not their proper integration. They are very indecisive, always have problems with making choice and often they are going to one direction and then toward the opposed. Natives of this sign are very sentimental and value their feelings.

They can be easily influenced by others and become dependant upon them. Pisceans lack of clarity, practicality and self-confidence. They are prone to emotional disorders and may have sensitive nervous and digestive systems. One of necessities for people of this type, - to develop discriminative awareness.

Characteristics of Taurus :

It is a negative sign of Venus, fixed earth, sign number 2, face and neck of Kalapurusha. Taurus types are stable, enduring and stable in their ways. They have strong sense of relationships, communicate well with others and associate readily with foreigners. Natives of this type posses good sense of form and beauty and easily develop taste, refinement and grace. They like to live in their bodies and their senses and that gives them tendency to become materialistic.

Their mode is acquire, preserve and refine. Natives of this type may become bankers, businessmen or artists. Development of devotion and participation in traditional ritual make help them to unfold spiritually.