Venus Types

Venus types are often beautiful, being the most attractive of all planetary types. They possess beauty of face, hair and eyes and a general sexual charm and artistic grace. Their tissues are round and well developed but they seldom become overweight. Their hands are well formed and delicate, without deep lines. Their sexual vitality is strong and they have somewhat feminine features, even in the men.

Yet they have a certain strength and magnetism as well. Venus types are generally healthy, except when they over indulge themselves, in which case they suffer from weakness of the kidneys, reproductive organs, lungs and heart.

Venus Types

Psychologically, Venus types are romantically inclined, but not really sentimental. They feel the complementary nature of all forces in life. They have a strong sense of grace. They make good artists and possess a good sense of form and design. They possess good imaginations and have vivid dreams. Their disposition is generally ethical and they possess love and devotion. They are strongly socially minded.

Venus types love beauty, comfort and elegance and like to adorn things, including, first of all, their own bodies. They enjoy jewelry and like beautiful homes. They love to display the beauty they possess and to charm others. As such, they can become addicted to luxury but are seldom really greedy. They have a good spiritual potential once they learn the meaning of Divine love. They have good occult or astrological insight through appreciating the beauty of natural law.

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