2022 Planetary Influences

Each year has its own fair share of challenges and 2022 is no exception in this regard. The zodiac signs ought to be optimistic and hopeful of this New year too as always. Some of the best cosmic shows are lined up for this year. They are all worth giving once in a lifetime experience for all the zodiacs.

The outer planet Pluto transits through the sign of Capricorn, Neptune through Pisces and Uranus through the sign of Taurus for the year 2022.

Though the outer planets do not interact much this year, they have a binding on the inner planets. Pluto is set to bring about changes around, Neptune is ready for creating illusions and Uranus would be inspiring us towards freedom through the year.

Coming to the social planets, Saturn transits its own house of Aquarius. And Jupiter transits through Pisces as the year starts and transits to Aries during April 2022. Saturn guides you to be more practical and disciplined while Jupiter brings in a harmonious expansion.

The year starts with Venus retrograde and ends with Mars retrograding. These planets continue to hold sway over your relationships all this year.

This year, there would be a whopping four Mercury retrograde phases, when usually there would be three. All the retrogrades happen in earthy signs. Take the usual precautions for the Mercury retrograde periods.

Then we have eclipses lined up for the year in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. These eclipses would bring about drastic changes around . Sit back and enjoy the planetary influences for the year. Take care and stay safe folks.


In 2022, Jupiter would be in sextile relation (60 deg) with Neptune. This is a benefic aspect and guides the Aries natives to bring out their creativity to the fore. Also you would be able to express your love or feelings better than ever before.


The planets for the year 2022 predict a good year for the love prospects and family life of Taurus natives. The conjunction (0 deg) of Jupiter with Pluto this year would bring about enormous gains for you. And this might be by way of legacy or inheritance,


This year the planets would guide you towards choosing the right people around you and how you ought to live among them. Many potential partners, friends and relatives come under your fold, however do not be over-connected to them as some of them might be wolf in sheep’s clothing.


The planetary positions for the year 2022 are most likely to affect the career or profession of Cancer folks as their 10th house of Aries stands to get much of the planetary influences for the period. Natives are called onto keep working much harder and to put in more effort in this area this year.


As the year 2022 starts, there would be a conjunction (0 deg) of Saturn and Pluto on the 12th of January. This would bring about lots of luck, joy and happiness for Leo folks. All the planetary influences for the year promise a great year for the Leos.


For the year 2022, the planets bring about a dramatic transformation in the lives of Virgo folks. All through the year, the Sun passes through the zodiac staying in one house for about a month or so and affecting the personality and nature of Virgos.


For the year 2022, Libra natives would be in for a new vision of things and life around them thanks to the planetary influences for the period. This would be a year of relationships, your personal and professional connections are highlighted for the period.


For the year 2022, the planets would affect the Scorpio folks in a mixed way, there would be both negatives and positives. Do take good advantage of the current planetary influences. Your power and authority get greatly enhanced this year


This would be one of the best years for Sagittarius folks thanks to Jupiter’s position in Pisces. It would give all the help you need to make some of the biggest things ever to happen in your life. The position of Saturn in Aquarius, your third house however would be negatively impacting you in mid-year when it goes retrograde.


This year, the planets continue their sway over the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Natives’ love, luck, career and lifestyle stand to get influenced by the planetary alignments through the year. As the year starts, your 12th house of Sagittarius would be influenced by the transit of Mars. This highlights that the focu is on your life goals.


This year, your rulers Saturn and Uranus would be clashing with the Moon’s Node bringing about a change in you. And this change would be permanent, a very rare part of your journey, so just make the most out of this period.


This is a great year for Pisces folks, with some of the best planetary influences around. Both of your planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, are having a rare meet-up in your sign, and this would bless you quite abundantly.The other planets continue to show their influence

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