2022 Leo Planetary Influences



As the year 2022 starts, there would be a conjunction (0 deg) of Saturn and Pluto on the 12th of January. This would bring about lots of luck, joy and happiness for Leo folks. All the planetary influences for the year promise a great year for the Leos. Through the year, Saturn would support your need for changes and renewals.

It gives you the wisdom to forge ahead and Uranus would supply you with ample ideas and the energy to implement the same.


In the year 2022, Venus continues to influence the love life and creative spirit of the Leos. However during the start of October, it goes retrograde. And this would greatly enhance the way your express your love and feelings to potential partners. Natives would be able to scale any challenges that comes their way in the love area thanks to the influence of Venus through the year.


Mars would provide the fire and energy to keep moving ahead for Leos this year. Between September and November of 2022 it would be retrograding. This would meddle with the way you handle your emotions and relationships. You would be asked not to control your loved ones and to go slow with your assertiveness. Keeping mum would be a better alternative this year, as with Mars’ energy you might over-react a times, landing yourself in a quandary.


For the first half of the year, Jupiter would be in your 8th house of Pisces. Later on it moves to your 9th house of Aries. These two are finance-based houses, hence there would be lots of financial possibilities for you this year. Much gains come for you this period. However natives are advised not to be extravagant and instead bank on the inflow of resources. A certain amount of risk is also associated with this sudden financial inflow, hence be cautious. Beware of speculations and frauds this year.


In 2022, Saturn would be transiting the 7th house of love and marriage for Leo natives. This is an important placement for the natives. Also Saturn would be in sextile relation (60 deg) with Uranus in your 9th house of Taurus and this would be very harmonious. Through the year, your love pursuits would be quite intense. Saturn in opposition (180 deg) with your solar home might bring about occasional complications in your love life though. Saturn opposition might bring about health issues for natives as well this year. Beware of accidents in travel and profession. Long distant travel on the cards do not materialize and your professional ambitions might meet with impediments. There would be some sort of incompatibility with peers and authorities in work place thanks to Saturn opposition. Beware of your finances as troubles lurk around. You would also find it quite difficult to show your feelings of love and romance to your partner or spouse this period.


Uranus transits through our 10th house of Taurus this year. The 10th house is all about career/profession or business pursuits. Hence there would be an element of the unexpected in your career for now. It brings about a sense of clarity though in your pursuits. Certain steps towards future can be done now. Think before you act as Uranus might play spoilsport with your career prospects. This is a good time to hone your skills and find out what you want out of your profession and how you are going to proceed in future. Uranus guides you towards a career path that helps to serve the world in a better light.


Neptune transiting the 7th house of Aquarius as 2022 starts would move to your 8h house of Pisces during the start of February. As Neptune winds off its journey through your 7th house, you are asked to reflect on your relationships and what it teaches you. You would have learnt to deal with both highs and ups in this period. Neptune transiting through your 8th house affects your finances, look out for its conjunction (0 deg) with the luminary Sun when the effect would be more pronounced. Be wary of any sort of joint finances. You are in for troubles and fraudulent deals this period.


Pluto transits through your 6th house of Capricorn during year 2022 for Leo natives. The 6th house is about diseases and debts. Pluto is a transformative planet that brings about major changes in the areas ruled over by the house it transits. And it does in on a global level than on a personal note. Any sort of change you like to encounter would be brought about now with the guidance of Pluto. You can go in for some volunteering works this period. Beware of the time when Pluto gets into conjunction (0 deg) with the Sun when there would be personal and professional conflicts.



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