2021 Leo Planetary Influences



The planets for the year ahead for you predict mixed results. Moments of happiness and sorrow alternate. Through the year, Venus brings about troubles and hindrances in your love life or marriage. Your feelings and emotions take the centre-stage. Some promising times are forecast when Mars transits Gemini in spring.

Later on in August-September when it enters Libra, natives would be asked for making some balancing acts in their relationships. The year ends with Mars in Scorpio, bringing about some controversies and secrets to the fore.

Saturn and Jupiter traversing through Aquarius are in for some opposition for Leo folks. However they guide you in seeing life from an altogether different perspective. Uranus would be spending the year in Taurus, the stubborn earthy sign. This might make luck elude you for the period. But then Pluto encourages you to take on life challenges in a good spirit and forge ahead with confidence.


For the year 2021, Jupiter would be traversing your 8th house of Pisces, Leo. This brings about mixed financials for the natives. If you can balance your resources amicably then you can end the year with a sound financial standing, else troubles loom around. Then in June-September, Jupiter would be visiting Aries, your 9th house for a brief period. This favors some long distant travels. Also you might have the urge to learn new skills or improve your knowledge base. Jupiter in Aries sprouts up new ideas for the Leos. This position also favors your religious pursuits and pilgrimage yearnings.


Saturn would be in direct opposition (180 deg) to your sign during the year 2021 and this period is going to be quite terrible for you. Days would be very tiring and work demands would be a lot and over-whelming. Health issues would be a source of concern for the period. Travel ought to be avoided , particularly the long ones as accidents are probable. You would have troubles in proving your mettle to your higher ups through the year. More enemies might be made for the time being. Speculation should be strictly avoided as financial troubles loom around. Love relationships and marriage would suffer as you would not be able to demonstrate your love and feelings to your loved ones properly.


Uranus would be in your 8th house of Pisces for most of the year 2021. This puts your common financial resources at home under pressure. There would be unwanted expenditure from all quarters. Mixed financials likely. Not a time to speculate or get into high-value purchases. This is a good time to save finances for the rainy season ahead. Saturn in Virgo might hamper with Uranus guiding you towards saving money. Plan cautiously.

Then between May and August of 2021, Uranus would be transiting your 9th house of Aries. This is a good time to get into studies if you are an aspirant towards the same. Also Uranus in Aries favors travels and gains through the same. You would be able to make friends or connect with new friends.


Neptune transits your 7th house of Aquarius in 2021. This favors love and relationships. However Neptune has the dubious distinction of bringing an illusion for the natives. Hence be cautious. Neptune also guides you to get into the good company or cooperation of people who would be a source of inspiration for the natives.


In the year 2021, Pluto would be travelling your 6th house of Capricorn. It would be here for about 4 years time. This placement alters your work environment. Through the year, you would see marked differences and changes in your work conditions. Pluto brings about major transformations in this particular area of yours. Health also needs utmost care during the period as the 6th house rules over one’s general health and well being. Go in for periodic medical check-ups. Also this would be a great time to make a major lifestyle alterations for the natives.

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