2021 Planetary Influences

Year 2021 hosts a splendid planetary influence that would have positive impact on our lives here on planet earth. The planets Saturn and Jupiter would be in the zodiac house of Aquarius for most of the period. They bring about originality to the table and strive to bring good rapport in our social and personal circles.

They would remove any hindrances brought about by the outer planets. Conservative and conventional thoughts would be thrown out. Innovative ideas would be brought about and this encourages a sort resistance in our communities.

Any sort of revolution would be however given a cool and appeasing twist by Neptune which would be transiting the house of Pisces through the year. It creates a hurdle when things go out of control. Jupiter would be transiting the same house in the middle of the year for a couple of months when it brings about conducive environment around.

The outer planets continue to bring strength and determination to values this year too. They give us the energy and endurance to climb mountains and encompass obstacles. Finances, work force and anything that has a materialization link would get a fillip through the year thanks to these planetary influences.


This year, your craze for ascending the personal and professional areas would be hindered by Pluto transiting the zodiac house of Capricorn. You might feel like you are moving nowhere. However Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius would give some fillip for Aries natives this period.


As the year 2021 starts, Mars would be loitering in your sign. This gives you the energy and passion to pursue your life ambitions. Later on as it moves over to your neighboring sign of Cancer, your love and emotions get settled down. Venus through the year, helps you to stay in real life.


For the year 2021, when Mars transits through your sign you would feel betterment in your love life. As the year starts, Mars would be in Libra that gives you a comfortable self-portrayal period. It would help you get over rifts and misunderstandings.


As the year 2021 starts, Mars would be posited in the zodiac house of Taurus. This supports your emotional side. And Venus through the year guides in your romantic moves. Later on when Mars enters your sign there would be a sense of goodness in life.


The planets for the year ahead for you predict mixed results. Moments of happiness and sorrow alternate. Through the year, Venus brings about troubles and hindrances in your love life or marriage. Your feelings and emotions take the centre-stage.


This year, Mars guides you towards a more committed personal relationship, be it love or marriage. However en-route you might meet an old flame who might mar your present standing. Jupiter and Saturn dwell in the house of Aquarius for the year.


The planets lined up for you provide you multiple opportunities for pleasure and progress in life this year. The planet Venus strengthens your bonds with your loved ones and brings stability in relationships. Mars gives you immense energy for action in all frontiers.


The year 2021 starts with Mars in the 7th house of Taurus for Scorpio folks. This brings themes related to marriage and love to the fore. It would help you to decide on a relationship or simply tie the knot. Through the year, Venus might be meddling with your emotions


As the year 2021 starts,Venus,the planet of love and beauty would be in the house of Aquarius. This churns out your inner desires and makes you more romantic. As Venus moves through the zodiac sky, you would be after your love desires this year.


This year, Venus would guide you in your love journey and your wishes would be fulfilled. Much romance would be on the cards and you are assured fun and pleasure in love and marriage thanks to the influence of Venus through the year.As the year starts, Mars the planet of action


For Aquarius folks the year 2021 starts with Mars and Uranus in loggerheads. This restricts your love for freedom and independence. And when Venus transits through your sign, there would be some abatement to the above issue and things shall start to straighten out.


The planets for the year 2021 help to affirm yourself and your standing to the world, Pisces. You gain an authoritative position with the planets by your side. For the year, Venus helps you to strike just the right note when it comes to locating your ideal partner for life.

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