2021 Aquarius Planetary Influences



For Aquarius folks the year 2021 starts with Mars and Uranus in loggerheads. This restricts your love for freedom and independence. And when Venus transits through your sign, there would be some abatement to the above issue and things shall start to straighten out. Saturn constantly would be hindering and restricting your forward movement in personal and professional life through the year.

For the year, Jupiter promotes your yearning for change and more change. Uranus brings in all sorts of hindrances and you might do a tight-tope trick these days. Saturn guides you in keeping it low and let go off of things and relationships that are unwarranted in life. In general the planets for the year would bring about a major restructuring in the way your approach things and events.


As the year 2021 starts, Jupiter enters your 2nd house of Pisces. This improves your financial standing, however be cautious of your expenses for the period. There would be frequent ups and downs in your financial life. Banking on the money would be a good bet for the tough days ahead.

Then between June and August, Jupiter makes a visit to the zodiac house of Aries, which happens to be your 3rd house. This makes you quite busy with relatives and friends at home this period. You would be a person everyone would look forward to spend quality time with. Have some private time for yourself as well.


Saturn’s position for the year 2021 is not much favorable for Aquarius natives. Through the year, it brings about hindrances, mental and physical exertion with not much positive results to boast on. Maximum labour would be asked for even to get the minimum results these days. Some of your goals would not be met, and only hard work is warranted for the time period, and even that would be hindered by enemies or competitors through the year. Major projects do not go through easily, despite the support given by Jupiter. Add to this woe is the square aspect of Uranus with Saturn that might cause accidents of sorts around. Beware of travel, mistakes and relationship issues. Also be prepared to handle troubles with real estate deals and finances thanks to the empowering nature of Saturn around for the period.


During the year 2021, Uranus spends most of the time in your adjacent house of Pisces. It is your 2nd house of finances and is the reason behind the current ups and downs with your financials. Add to this the square aspect of Uranus on Saturn which brings about stress and strains in your money matters through the year. Be thrifty and beware of unwanted expenditure around. This is not a time for any type of financial indulgences.

A positive towards this position is some Aquarius natives are in for some luck and fortune during the period. However be cautious of your moves. Then between the end of May and the middle of August, Uranus ventures into your 3rd house of Aries. This ropes in new contacts into your life. This position of Uranus might also induce accidents in travel, hence be cautious. Also this would not be a good time to buy any machinery. However Uranus guides you in your learning pursuits for the period.


For the year 2021, Neptune transits your home. This would inspire you to pursue your goals and dreams in life. But then be cautious of situations around, as Neptune has the dubious distinction of bringing about illusions. Rely on some well-wishers for ideas as you are bound to get some practical ones this period. Neptune through your house helps you with social and charity works. However natives are advised not to yield to all sobs around. Double-check your moves if it is related to money and resources. Not a time to part with your resources, instead guide others around to look out or make up for their own.


Pluto continues its stint in your 12th house of Capricorn in the year 2021 and would be there till year 2024. This transit of Pluto through your 12th house brings back some past memories to the fore. Those would be mixed and it is up to you to use those inspiration from the past to alter your current life course. Through the year ahead, Pluto helps you to better understand yourself, where you stand, what is holding back in life and what is stressing you. It guides you in harnessing your internal energy towards positive steps.

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