2021 Taurus Planetary Influences



As the year 2021 starts, Mars would be loitering in your sign. This gives you the energy and passion to pursue your life ambitions. Later on as it moves over to your neighboring sign of Cancer, your love and emotions get settled down. Venus through the year, helps you to stay in real life. Around the middle of the year, the planets for you make sure that you shed your material obsession and get down for some practical business.

For the entire year, Saturn might hamper with your life pursuits and gets your grounded. Jupiter guides you in entangling yourself from past bad memories and moments and improves your knowledge base. The outer planets Uranus and Pluto continue to support you with your aspiration towards a change in life. And Neptune improves your social life for the better all through the year ahead.


Jupiter would be transiting the 11th house of gains and friendship being Pisces for Taurus natives in year 2021. You would be able to get in touch with people more during the period. A Good time to enlarge your social circle. Friends would be a great source of inspiration for the natives.

Around June, Jupiter gets into contact with Uranus and this brings important relationships in life. This is also a time when you can set lofty ambitions and strive towards the same.

Between June and September start, Jupiter would be transiting to the house of Aries. This is your 12th house and promises some luck and fortune.


Saturn transits the house of Aquarius during year 2021. This forms a square aspect with your sign and this is a hard aspect. This would make your life troublesome for the period. Particularly health needs care and do not neglect any minor symptoms. Also chronic issues need to be handled with caution. You would be very pessimistic and your self esteem would be the lowest in decades. But do not lose heart, keep working and put in all your might. Beware of financial snarls around. Also watch out for enemies from among friends and relatives these days.


Uranus would be transiting the zodiac house of Pisces, which is the 11th house of gains and friendship for Taurus folks. In June-July it would be transiting Aries, your 12th house. This is a good time to take a break from the monotony of life and work. Look for some rejuvenation or meditation camps that would rev up your spirit.


Neptune would be sojourning your 10th house of career. Hence it greatly influences your career moves, but then it might bring about some periods of dissatisfactions and unhappiness too. Do not be led by illusions about false promises and hopes regarding the career field. Also do not put all your eggs in one basket. Look out for alternate career plans as well.


During the year 2021, Pluto would be transiting the house of Capricorn, which is the 9th house for Taurus natives. This gives emphasis on higher education and spiritual pursuits. Pluto would bring about major transformations in your way of thinking and living life this period.

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