2021 Cancer Planetary Influences



As the year 2021 starts, Mars would be posited in the zodiac house of Taurus. This supports your emotional side. And Venus through the year guides in your romantic moves. Later on when Mars enters your sign there would be a sense of goodness in life. You might feel and experience greater freedom.

As Mars continues its transit through the signs, you would feel that your senses are awakened. Jupiter and Saturn together in Aquarius guide you in realizing your dreams despite hindrances and delays around.

Uranus would support friendship and brings favor through them. Neptune makes sure that your full potential is used by you for your growth. Pluto as always would be questioning your inner abilities , however it brings your inherent qualities out these days.


For the year 2021, Jupiter would be transiting your 9th house of Pisces. This gives emphasis towards your academic and travel pursuits. There would be gains through overseas connections through the period.

Between June and September Jupiter would be transiting the zodiac house of Aries. And that happens to be your 10th house of career or profession. Use this opportunity to bounce to higher levels in your professional standing. Get into the good books of authorities as well. Expect major career changes around this time.


Saturn is in a good position for Cancer folks during year 2021. You would get the freedom to do what you want out of life now. Though the past placement of Saturn had been quite tiring for you, this year there would be positive results. This is a time to slowly recover your lost strength and energy and improve your self-worth. In fact, the past malefic effects of Saturn would have seasoned you for tough times. Through the year, Saturn helps you to commit to domestic matters and renew your life goals.


In year 2021, Uranus would be travelling through the 9th house of Pisces for Cancer folks. This paves way for you to garner more knowledge. You would be able to learn new things and form new opinions, much against your former ideas.

Then in June- August mid, Uranus would be transiting to your 10th house of Aries. This might bring about major changes in your career front. For some relocation is also on the cards thanks to Uranus transiting through the 9th. Be cautious with paternal relationships these days.


Neptune continues in your 8th house of Aquarius for the whole year ahead. While this placement of Neptune guides you in making careful financial moves, it might bring about illusions regarding your financial future as well. Be cautious of your moves and do not heed to other's ideas for now.


Pluto is transiting your 7th house in 2021 and would be here till 2024. This would bring about major changes in your relationships. New people come into your fold and some might depart, physically or mentally. Either ways this pruning of relationships helps you to become more aware of your surroundings and to believe in yourself and you alone.

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