2021 Sagittarius Planetary Influences



As the year 2021 starts, Venus, the planet of love and beauty would be in the house of Aquarius. This churns out your inner desires and makes you more romantic. As Venus moves through the zodiac sky, you would be after your love desires this year. This year Mars compels you to be impulsive in love matters. Go it slow and look out for that ideal partner.

Jupiter transits the zodiac house of Aquarius this year. This would expand your knowledge base, improve your finances and enriches your life. Your creativity would also be enhanced, however Saturn also posited in Aquarius puts on some occasional hindrances for your pursuits. It makes you to be cautious with life and prepares you for the tough journey ahead.


Jupiter, your ruler transits your 4th house of Pisces during the year 2021.This is a good placement where your domestic life would be at bliss. There would be goodness at home with family and friends all through the year. This is a great time to find ways to expand your knowledge as well.

Then between the start of June and start of September in 2021, Jupiter would be travelling through your 5th house of Aries. This emphasizes your love life. You would be able to express yourself freely, when some of your talents would be brought to light too. You would be pursuing some sport or leisure activities as well this period. Children at home bring joy and happiness to the natives during this transit.


This year Saturn would be traversing the zodiac house of Aquarius. Then it would be in sextile aspect (60 deg) with your sign. Due to this placement your love life and work life would be very interesting. You get new energy these days after years of troubles. Saturn helps you to get in control of these areas of your life. However make sure that you do no harm to people relying on you in personal and professional matters. Saturn together with the energy of Jupiter favors goodness in your domestic life. Home would be a place of joy and harmony. Your emotional health would be good and your finances steady through the year. You would be much more satisfied in life like never before thanks to this transit of Saturn.


Uranus would be in the zodiac house of Pisces for most of the year, but it would be visiting Aries somewhere around the summer for a couple of months. Uranus through your 4th house assures domestic welfare and happiness. Issues related to home like building of a new house, renovating an old one and similar things can be taken up during the period.

Relationships at home would be very cordial and rewarding for the natives. Home-related activities would keep you busy through the year. However Saturn might hinder this calm atmosphere by bringing in a relocation or career change during the period.

Then between the end of May and the middle of August, Uranus would be transiting your 5th house of Aries. This promises goodness in your love and creative life. Some natives might expect a child and those already having them would find joy through them. And around this time, Uranus might meddle with your finances, there might be either big losses or big gains through the year, tread ahead cautiously.


For the year 2021, Neptune would be moving through your 3rd house of Aquarius. Neptune brings about illusions in our lives and affects our spirituality as well. It encourages your creative side this year. This placement of Neptune makes you highly intuitive of situations around. Through the year you would be able to stay positive and poised despite hindrances. Look out for motivation and keep others motivated as well.


Pluto would be staying in the zodiac house of Capricorn during the year 2021. And this happens to be your 2nd house of family and finances. This affects the way you handle finances and your attitude toward money changes as has been for quite some years now. This placement of Pluto has the power to bring in riches and rags equally, hence tread cautiously. Do not venture into speculative deals, instead set a solid financial footing.

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