2021 Capricorn Planetary Influences



This year, Venus would guide you in your love journey and your wishes would be fulfilled. Much romance would be on the cards and you are assured fun and pleasure in love and marriage thanks to the influence of Venus through the year. As the year starts, Mars the planet of action would be placed in the earthy sign of Taurus.

It motivates you towards higher things and lofty ambitions, a materialist-driven life though. As the year progresses, it gives you the energy to forge ahead in style and speed.

Jupiter in Pisces brings the impossible to your fold. It helps you to do a lot of things hitherto you had left undone. Uranus in Taurus through the year 2021 would support your works and deeds and Neptune would provide you with the support and protection you need these days. Pluto spends the year posited in your sign. It would guide you in areas that need a restructuring.


Jupiter spends most of the year ahead in your 3rd house of Pisces and around the middle of the year would be visiting the zodiac house of Aries for quite some time. This brings relationship with children, siblings and parents to the focus. It also highlights the communication that you have with your near ones. Gains through sibling on the cards for some natives. This is an excellent time to spend quality time at the domestic front. You may also take up some community related works that would give you a sense of self-esteem.

Then Jupiter transits to your 4th house of family and domestic welfare during the last days of May and stays there till the middle of August. This assures domestic welfare and happiness for the natives. This is a good time to go in for renovation or extension of house works. You might plan to get along with your relatives and friends by organizing parties and get-togethers for the family.


Saturn had been in your sign for the past two years and now it is in your neighboring house of Aquarius. The past years would have asked for much effort and hard work on your part. Your days might have been hectic and tiring. Now that Saturn is transiting your 2nd house of finances, your money inflow would be great and satisfactory. In particular, your career growth would yield good financial input for you. Use this inflow of funds constructively. You can go for high-value purchases or investment plans. Saturn also has the association of Jupiter in your 2nd house and this forebodes goodness in the home front. Natives however are advised to be cautious of their financial outflow during this transit of Saturn.


Uranus spends most of its time in your 3rd house of Pisces during 2021. It would be visiting Aries between May and August though. Uranus' transit through the 3rd house emphasizes relationship with siblings and children at home. There would be good gains through them. You would also be able to get your point across to your near ones as Uranus transits your 3rd house.

When Uranus travels through your 4th house for the rest of the year 20201, expect some changes in your domestic side. Relocation likely for those willing for the same. For some there might be unwanted expenditure related to house repair works. Expect some unwelcome guests as well during this time period.


Neptune transits the 2nd house of Aquarius for Capricorn folks during 2021. As for quite some time now, this year also has its own share of financial ups and downs thanks to Neptune’s influence over your finances. Though you might have a doubt over financial inflows, Neptune would make sure that what you need for the year ahead would be met. Neptune in Aquarius gets your purses full, but be cautious of your expenditure. Neptune guides you in valuing things in life, makes you move away from materialistic instincts these days. This is a good time to detach yourself from monetary reliance, however be sure that your bare minimum needs are covered.


Pluto continues its transit through your sign this year as well. It guides you to observe and collect knowledge of what is going around you. Use the garnered knowledge towards transforming your inner self. Pluto always guides you towards positive changes in life. This is a good time to make some major lifestyle changes like kicking the butt, etc. Because decisions taken during a Pluto transit do not change so often. This transit of Pluto also steers you towards your future goals and ambitions.

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