2021 Scorpio Planetary Influences



The year 2021 starts with Mars in the 7th house of Taurus for Scorpio folks. This brings themes related to marriage and love to the fore. It would help you to decide on a relationship or simply tie the knot. Through the year, Venus might be meddling with your emotions and relationships though.

There would be occasional bouts of ups and downs in this realm. Then when Mars travels to the ensuing houses you would be able to get rid of unwanted relationships in life.

This year, Jupiter and Saturn together would be in Aquarius and they are likely to bring mixed results. There would be periods of incompatibility is some areas. And Uranus in Taurus brings about an unstable atmosphere around. But then Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces would help you to stay afloat these tough days.


For most of the year 2021, Jupiter would be posited in your 5th house of Pisces. This improves the romance in your life, love gets highlighted and your friendship gets emulated around. You would be a hot person pursued by many through the year. For those already married or in a relationship, the year promises happiness through off springs. You would be able to spend quality time with them. Jupiter in Pisces also encourages you to pursue a sport activity that would keep you busy these days. Your creativity would get recognized.

Then around the middle of the year, Jupiter visits your 6th house of work and health for a brief time. This would be a good time for your professional side. Be cautious of a job switch however around this time. Health also needs utmost most for the period.


This year, Saturn would be transiting the house of Aquarius for you. This would form a square with your sign and this is a hard aspect for you to digest. It would bring career issues to the front. There would be maximum labour but with minimum wages, happiness might elude you these days. Saturn also creates unwanted issues in domestic affairs. Your physical and mental health get affected, accidents probable around this time. Do not invest in property or high value purchases this year. Saturn make you feel solitude and a sense of drudgery around. There would be blockages in almost all areas of your life as Saturn loiters in the sign of Aquarius this year.


This year, Uranus would be posited in your 5th house of Pisces. It guides you in pursuing your passion for the period. You would be able to express your creativity better than before. Be cautious of your finances though as there would be many ups and downs in this year. Wait for Jupiter to enter Pisces around September when you can start important remunerative projects. Uranus might ask you to do financial favors for around, be cautious.

Then between May last and the middle of August, Uranus would be entering your 6th house of Aries. This might bring about some changes in your work sector. Your work load might increase and there would be no satisfaction. Lay low and get into good relations with peers in work place. Use this period for productive works, learn a new skill or update your talents.


For the year 2021, Neptune would be through your 4th house of Aquarius. This position greatly enhances your creative pursuits. This is a good time to get out of your house, go on a long vacation. Your friendships and social nature are emphasized for now. Mixed emotions would be churned by your relatives and family members. Children would be a great source of strength and support for you this year.


Pluto transits through the house of Capricorn this year. This is your third house of siblings and learning. Thus Pluto guides you to learn a lot these days. You can even take up charity and social works that has to do with connecting with people around you. Through the year, you get immense opportunities to prove your mettle and change people's lives. Get going...

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