2021 Aries Planetary Influences



This year, your craze for ascending the personal and professional areas would be hindered by Pluto transiting the zodiac house of Capricorn. You might feel like you are moving nowhere. However Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius would give some fillip for Aries natives this period. There would be a slow and steady movement though.

Around the middle of the year, when Jupiter transits to the house of Pisces, there would be a change of guard is certain areas. Through the year, you mature in your romantic side and look forward towards stable and sustained relationships. Saturn helps you to slow down from your fast pace. Mars would awaken your sensuous side. Though Venus might bring some hitches in your love, you would end the year on a positive note.


As the year starts, Jupiter the planet of expansion and knowledge would be transiting your 12th house of Pisces. This transit forebodes some luck for the natives. Through this house Jupiter assures you protection and luck, but then do not expect a windfall. This can also be taken as a time for renewing your spirits and continuing with your hard work.

Jupiter in the 12th increases your spiritual involvement. There would be an yearning for self-understanding or enlightenment this period. Between June and September 2021, Jupiter would be transiting your sign for a brief spell. This is a time when much luck and fortune would befall on the Aries natives. Do bank on the same.


Saturn in Aquarius is in sextile relation (60 deg) with your sign for the year 2021 and this is a favorable position for you this year. Saturn brings about stability in your life for now thanks to its association with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Though growth would be slow, it would be a steady progress in all walks. Saturn helps you to excel in your career side thus improving your finances for the long term. Life would be tough with much work this year, however the rewards would be just good. This placement of Saturn makes you more mature and serene.


Uranus would be entering your sign towards the end of May and would be there till the middle of August. This might bring changes in your relationships. You would not be content with your present standing in life and might yearn for a change. However do not be impulsive with relationships and go slow in pruning off unwanted ones.

Uranus in Aries supports in your fitness regime. It helps to keep stress out of your life and makes you indulge in creative pursuits.


With Neptune hovering in the zodiac house of Aquarius for all this year 2021, your 11th house is favorably disposed. This placement makes you inspire others around you. Your social life gets greatly enhanced these days. Some gains are also on the cards. But then beware of the illusions that Neptune might bring in as the year progresses. Stick to reality.


Pluto would be transiting your 10th house of Capricorn all through the year 2021. This greatly supports your professional life. You would be able to achieve some of your professional dreams now. But also be cautious of rifts with authorities and peers occasionally. Major changes in career come in when Pluto transits the Sun. Pluto has some difficult aspects with the outer planets this year and this might bring some sudden changes in your workplace.

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