2021 Virgo Planetary Influences



This year, Mars guides you towards a more committed personal relationship, be it love or marriage. However en-route you might meet an old flame who might mar your present standing. Jupiter and Saturn dwell in the house of Aquarius for the year. And around June, Jupiter would be visiting Pisces for quite some time when a sense of stability would be brought about in love and finances.

The outer planet Uranus transits Pisces and Pluto would be in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. They help you to move closer to your dreams this period. You would be guided in using your resources to the fullest by these planets. Neptune in Aquarius supports your love relationships, but not that you would not have the share of troubles and turbulences.


Jupiter transits the zodiac house of Pisces for most of the year 2021,while it would be in the house of Aries for a brief stint around the middle of the year. Pisces is your 7th house and this brings new people in personal and professional life under your fold. If you are looking for love or to get married, this year is favorable for the same. Happy domestic life is assured for Virgo natives. Some luck and fortune would also be brought about by Jupiter in Pisces.

As Jupiter travels through your 8th house of Aries, expect some financial downpour. Speculative urges can be taken on, but beware, this placement of Jupiter might either worsen your finances or improve it. Be cautious, and prepare for financial back-up.


The trine relation that Saturn had with your sign last year has strengthened your life. Hence this year, the effects of Saturn would not be that harmful with no major aspects to your sign. Your sense of confidence would be good through the year, that you can forge ahead successfully. A sense of optimism would be felt by you this period. You would be very cautious with finances that you would be standing on solid ground despite sinking sands around. Your personal life would be well balanced, and peace and harmony would prevail. Saturn would make you more mature this year.


Uranus transits the house of Pisces for the year 2021, however it would be in Aries between end of May and the middle of August in the house of Aries.

Pisces being your 7th house indicates that new relationships would be brought into your life by Uranus. As Jupiter would also be loitering in the 7th house, much romance and love are on the cards for Virgo folks through the year. Love at first sight is guaranteed if you are not yet hitched. This is also a time when rifts start to appear in incompatible relationships, beware. Think smart, do not yield to impulsive acts. False friends and accusations galore everywhere.

Uranus in your 8th house of Aries around the middle of the year, would bring major ups and downs in your financials. Be ready for any major mishaps in this area. Do not venture into risky financial deals, you can expect a major downpour as well, do bank on it.


Neptune is in Aquarius right from the year 1995, which is your 6th house. This would bring illusions in your work life. You would not be able to concentrate more and get the finest details due to this position of Neptune. This is however a good time to bring your talents to the fore. Look life from a different perspective rather than getting stuck to a point. Do not mingle your personal stuff with your professional life though for now.


Pluto transits your 5th house of Capricorn in the year 2021. It would be here till around year 2024. Through the year, Pluto guides you to get out of your comfort zone and define your life’s ambitions. You would be able to pursue new hobbies that would be quite remunerative these days. Children and their lives become the centre-stage in your life for the year ahead. They would be able to influence you and your life path.

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