2021 Libra Planetary Influences



The planets lined up for you provide you multiple opportunities for pleasure and progress in life this year. The planet Venus strengthens your bonds with your loved ones and brings stability in relationships. Mars gives you immense energy for action in all frontiers. There would be scope for fun and leisure as well.

Together Mars and Venus help you in making some good resolutions for the period ahead.

Jupiter and Saturn are together for all folks this year. Jupiter would bring a relaxing environment for you. Though Saturn gives you double thoughts, it helps you to stand on solid ground giving vent to your feelings and ideals. This duo do bring you some luck as well. Pluto is likely to give a revolutionary twist to your personal life. You would be asked to revamp or review your future plans as well.


In the year 2021, Jupiter would be traversing your 6th house of Pisces. This brings your work area to the fore. Your inherent talents would be appreciated now. But then do not bite more than you can chew. Through the year, you would be able to be in a satisfied work position. The 6th house also rules over your general health. Hence this would be a great time to indulge in some lifestyle changes to get in shape again.

Around the middle of the year, between June and September, Jupiter would be visiting your 7th house of Aries. This brings back lost romance in your life. Enjoy good times with your partner or spouse as this period favors the same.


Saturn that is in the zodiac house of Aquarius is in trine relation (120 deg) to your sign during the year 2021. This is a very beautiful placement that enhances your professional life. Through the year, you would be able to achieve important goals in your career buoyed by the company of Jupiter as well. Peace and tranquility would prevail at home. Saturn makes you to mature with age now. You would be able to consolidate your relationships, in the sense that you would be pruning people from your life. Your finances would be satisfactory and you would be able to bank some money. This is a good time to start a new project as well as Saturn’s position through the year supports the same.


Uranus would be travelling through Pisces for the year 2021, in the middle of the year however it would be moving over to Aries for a brief stint there. Uranus in your 6th house of work would certainly bring about some changes in that area. That would be a positive one which would involve you in some social activities. Some natives would be relocated, for some there might be promotions and pay hikes, whatever it is take it in good spirits. Develop good rapport with authorities and peers in work place.

When Uranus shifts to your 7th house of Aries around the end of May, there would be unexpected events in your love or marriage. Saturn might mar goodness in marriage or love around this time by its malefic aspect. Then when it retracts to Pisces, it would be revamping your love life.


Neptune would be in your 5th house of Aquarius all through the year 2021. This guides you to explore your creative talents and bring them to the table. They would become remunerative as well. You would stay inspired and would be able to inspire others around this period. Neptune would propel you towards making speculative deals, it might be risky this period, hence play safe for now. Also children and your relationship with them get greatly emphasized.


Pluto transits your 4th house of Capricorn for the year ahead. This brings about some changes in your domestic life and maternal links. Some of you guys might relocate and for others renovation of house property is on the cards. Around this time, some family truths of yonder years might come to the fore. Use it positively to build up relationships and honour them.

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