2021 Pisces Planetary Influences



The planets for the year 2021 help to affirm yourself and your standing to the world, Pisces. You gain an authoritative position with the planets by your side. For the year, Venus helps you to strike just the right note when it comes to locating your ideal partner for life. You know what you deserve in life, go for it with Venus guiding you all along.

Around the middle of the year, when Venus, the planet of love transits the nurturing sign of Cancer you would find true everlasting love or there might be a revamp in your marital life.

And with Jupiter in your sign for the period, you would be able to do even the impossible through the year. Though you have the guidance of elders and authorities to remain on track this year, Neptune in your sign would make you to take just the right decisions based on your intuitions and make the final call.

As the year starts, Mars would be in the earthy sign of Taurus. This would pave way for the Pisces folks to be effective and productive in their lives. To sum up, the planets for the year make sure that you are on the right track making the right strides swimming through the tides with confidence.


Jupiter would be transiting your sign for the year 2021. And this would next happen after a twelve year period. This position brings you good fortune and enthusiasm in life. Make good use of the this position for the time being. With positive environment around, there would be no dearth for financials and resources.

However natives are advised not to indulge and take good care of their spending habits and health in particular. With Jupiter being the planet of expansion, even a minor scuffle might turn into a war, hence be cautious of your moves in personal and professional life for the year ahead.

Jupiter through your sign for the year marks the start of a new development phase in your life. You would be guided for the next 12 years by the lessons learnt through this phase. Jupiter guides you to carve a niche for you in your personal and professional life.

Then between the start of June and September, Jupiter would be transiting your 2nd house for a brief spell. This assures a good financial inflow, however do not indulge. Do save some for hard times ahead. Utilize this time to plan for your financial future.


For the year 2021, Saturn would be in your 12th house of Aquarius. The 12th house is an evil house and Saturn residing therein is not a good omen for Pisces folks. The 12th house is a residence of obstacles and hence there would be hindrances and delays all your way for now.

This would be a period which asks for maximum labour on your part, but the wages or rewards would be quite minimal. There would be no growth in your professional area and enemies would be stifling you. Not a time to get into loggerheads with your loved ones. Instead look for elders to give you advise and learn life lessons. Even health concerns arise and accidents might befall you. Stay away from all types of speculations as losses lurk around for the period. There would be separation from your partner and love and marriage would meet with impediments for now. However the other planetary placements might guide you safely through.


Uranus transits your sign for most of the year 2021. It helps you to find out what inspires you the most and what hold you back in life. Uranus gives you a sense of self-confidence that guides you in moving forward with renewed strength. Your individuality would be brought to the fore for now.

Between the end of May and the middle of August 2021, Uranus would be moving over to the house of Pisces.

This might meddle with your finances, the transit being through your 2nd house of finances. Plan wisely for a better financial standing and do not yield to impulsive acts. Closely keep a tab on what you do with your money these days. The best way is to devise a budget that suits you and stick to it through thick and thin.

Uranus’ transit through your 2nd house also affects the way you handle your skills and talents. Find ways to get motivated, and your skills would earn you good repute through the year. This is a good time for spring cleaning, both on a physical and mental level. You stand to gain a lot of air through this quite literally.


Your ruling planet Neptune would be transiting through your 12th house of Aquarius for the year 2021. This improves your social life as it had been for quite some years now. For the year, you would make up your mind to do something good for the society at large, where your time and skills would be put to good use.

Neptune might give you an illusion that things are quite good with one particular relationship you are presently into. But things are not that good, but then resort to some spiritual inclinations to give you a piece of advice as to how to take this forward. Neptune gives you the assurance of self-confidence and the strength to move forward despite obstacles ahead.


Pluto happens to transit your 11th house of Capricorn for the whole of year 2021 and would be here till around year 2024. This would have a great impact on the relationship you have with your friends. Some new friends come into your fold. And some old ones might be a source of trouble. Be cautious and let time prune your relationships. Do not yield to any type of manipulations around though.

Pluto might give you a position of great standing in a social circle. Do not let position obsess you, instead put your standing towards constructive works. You would be an able leader this time aided by Pluto by your side. Your leadership skills would be honed through the year.

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