2021 Gemini Planetary Influences



For the year 2021, when Mars transits through your sign you would feel betterment in your love life. As the year starts, Mars would be in Libra that gives you a comfortable self-portrayal period. It would help you get over rifts and misunderstandings. Venus smoothens further any issues in your love and marriage and brings about goodness.

However around the middle of the year, when Venus transits your sign you are in for an emotional upheaval. Saturn and Jupiter transit the zodiac house of Aquarius through the year. Saturn gives you a grounded approach to life. You might need to trade some of your life's lofty ambitions these days. And Jupiter would bestow you with luck and fortune for the period. The outer planets improve your social life and enthrall your audience with your sheer sense of communicative skills.


Jupiter transits your 10th house of Pisces in 2021. This promises much luck in career for Gemini folks through the year. This is a good time to further improve your ambitions regarding professional life. Some of you might have a go in business as well this year. But then do not take impulsive decisions for the period.

Then between the start of June and start of September, Jupiter would be visiting the zodiac house of Aries, which is your 11th house. This gives fillip to your friendship area. You might be asked to lead a group that is into social or charity acts. Get on, but do not bite more than you can chew.


Saturn travels through the zodiac house of Aquarius in year 2021 when it forms a trine (120 deg) with your sign. This is a good placement that helps you to achieve the goals in your life. Through the year, Saturn guides you towards great heights in your profession. You would be able to earn name and fame these days. Though Saturn brings about tiring days, your finances would be great at the end of the day. You would have much energy through the period. Your love life and domestic life would be fulfilling and satisfied thanks to Saturn's placement in Aquarius for the year.


For Gemini people, Uranus would be travelling through the 10th house of profession in year 2021. Be prepared to handle sudden reversal of trends in your career for the period. Uranus brings about an insecure atmosphere around, but then Jupiter's association might usher in some better trends. You could land in your dream job, and again Saturn aspecting Uranus would bring about its own share of challenges and restrictions.

This is not a favorable year for you to start your own business as the planets around are not conducive for the same. In June-July of 2021, Uranus would be moving over to the house of Aries, which is your 11th house. This favors friendships and gains in life. This transit promises a bout of luck for the period.


In the year 2021, Neptune would be travelling through the 9th house of Aquarius for Gemini folks. This brings to the fore themes related to spirituality and knowledge. Use this transit period to complete your studies or get that special skill that you always looked forward to. Through the year, Neptune helps you to improve your knowledge base.


The 8th house of Capricorn would be transited by Pluto through the year 2021 for Gemini natives. This cautions you against any sort of speculation or risk-taking for the period. There might be major rise and downfalls in your financial standing. And you might get immense potential for travel too. The inflow of funds would be quite good, but then natives are advised to bank on the same.

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