2022 Gemini Planetary Influences



This year the planets would guide you towards choosing the right people around you and how you ought to live among them. Many potential partners, friends and relatives come under your fold, however do not be over-connected to them as some of them might be wolf in sheep’s clothing. In January 2022, there would be a conjunction (0 deg) between Saturn and Pluto that might bring about lack of co-operation with the people who came into your fold recently.

The North node of the Moon would be retrograding this year in the zodiac houses of Cancer and Gemini, hence be wary. The planetary positions around mid-2022 likely to play havoc in the life of Geminis.


Venus would be transiting your solar home between mid- May and mid-June of 2022. This might bring about some friction or misunderstanding with your relationships. Also co-operative deals and friendly approaches would now take a back seat. Venus would hinder all your efforts towards persuading your partner into you path. And Venus retrograding would help you to re-evaluate your relationships, this can be taken as a time for pruning in this area.


In the year 2022, Mars would be transiting through your 7th house of marriage or love between the start of January and mid-February. This might cause lots of friction in your love and marriage, hence much patience and diplomacy would be asked for from Gemini natives for the period.


As the year 2022 starts, Jupiter would be in the 10th house of Pisces. This would bring about good scope for growth and development in your career. But then Jupiter in square relation(90 deg) with your solar home might bring about troubles and hindrances of sorts. Later on, around the middle of May, Jupiter transits to the house of Aries which is your 11th house and this forebodes goodness and promises you with much gains in life. This position of Jupiter would also bring new friendships and acquaintances for you.


In year 2022, Saturn would be in your 9th house of prosperity and higher learning. Saturn is in a trine relation (120 deg) with your solar home and this is a favourable aspect which facilitates achievement of your goals and professional aspirations. Saturn in the 9th house improves your financial standing, you stand to get pay hikes and promotions in your career field this year. Though much effort and commitment would be asked for by Saturn for a stable footing, the results would last much longer, for years together. It makes you feel more stronger both emotionally and mentally than never before. Physically too, there would be no dearth for energy levels. This placement of Saturn brings about a stable relationship or marriage for the Gemini folks.


This year, Uranus would be transiting your 12th house of Taurus. The 12th house is all about foreign travels, hospitalizations and enemy troubles. Uranus in your 12th house works on a more spiritual level, urging you to assess your spiritual standing and change paths if needed. Beware of health concerns, timely intervention would be much needed, else you would land in immense troubles. Also there would be troubles through hidden enemies in personal and professional life, be cautious. Take charge of your life.


As the year 2022 starts, Neptune would be transiting your 9th house of Aquarius. This position emphasizes your spiritual realm and asks you to focus more on spirituality rather than the material world. Through this journey, you would be able to understand yourself more and develop better faith in you. Also this placement of Neptune guides you in garnering much knowledge and wisdom. Then as February 2022 starts, Neptune transits to your solar 10th house of Pisces. This position points out that through this transit you would be able to make many contacts in profession, however be cautious of being fooled around. At times you would encounter new lows that question your very existence in your current career path. Do earn the goodwill of authorities and higher-ups who would be able to imbibe a positive spirit in you. All around its transit through the 10th house Neptune would give you the inspiration to forge ahead in your career path.


In year 2022, Pluto transits through your 8th house of Capricorn. The 8th house is all about resources that you share with your partners in personal and professional life. Pluto has the dubious distinction of bringing in transformations major in these areas and there would be no backup plans. You just have to go with the flow and no turning back. No sort of resistance would work out here. Pluto in your 8th house guides you to plan for a stable financial future. This would be a good time to pay off your loans and debts, be frugal in living and save for future. An apt time to secure for your future living. Do involve your family and colleagues in this task. Pluto’s transit encourages some high value purchases, but make sure that you do not go in for buying of anything that is useless or stagnant.



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