2022 Taurus Planetary Influences



The planets for the year 2022 predict a good year for the love prospects and family life of Taurus natives. The conjunction (0 deg) of Jupiter with Pluto this year would bring about enormous gains for you. And this might be by way of legacy or inheritance, speculation and property gains. All this would have been hindered by the transit of Jupiter for the past few years for you.


Venus, the God of beauty and love is your lord or ruler, Taurus. Hence natives are well known for their flirts, romantic encounters and multiple partners. For the year 2022, natives are advised to be cautious of their love moves as Venus would be retrograding in their 7th house of marriage. This might bring about financial ambitions of your partner crossing your lines. Retrograde Venus might cause misunderstandings and arguments with partner that would lead to separation, either temporary or permanent from partner, hence be wary of your love moves for the year.


As the year starts, Jupiter would be traversing your 11th house of Pisces. This is the house of gains and you would be able to finance your near or dear ones as well fuel your professional ambitions. Certain important projects in life would be taking off now. Then around May 2022, Jupiter transits to your 12th house of Aries. This might bring about unwanted financial expenditure, be cautious. All this year, Jupiter would be in good aspects with Saturn and they together improve your financial standing. You would have a stable career position as well. The end of the year would bring in recovery from your past troubles and better recognition in society thanks to Jupiter.


For the year, Saturn would be transiting through the 10th house of career or business for Taurus folks. Saturn would be in quadrant relation (90 deg) to your solar home and hence life would be quite tough for you these days. In particular natives are advised to be cautious of their health, do not take any small health issues as trivial, check out for underlying issues at hand. Also your positive energy and optimism would go to a new low thanks to the presence of Saturn in Aquarius. But then do not give up on life easily. Natives are advised to cope with this placement of Saturn by putting in all their might and hard work and not to expect for any immediate results or rewards. Saturn might also bring about troubles from hidden enemies and financial woes, hence be wary.


Uranus transits your solar home this year, Taurus. Last August it started to retrograde and by the start of year 2022, Uranus goes direct. Uranus in direct motion in a sign is said to be very rebellious. With Uranus in your sign, your individual identity and your entire life is in for a major makeover. Also there would be notable changes in your career, love and marriage. Your plans for the future would also be altered by your future perception in a different light. Uranus in your sign would bring about hope for you and a sense of optimism which can be noticed in your thought process. This would be a productive period and you would be able to accomplish your goals and ideals. Though the work load would be heavy, you shall be able to tackle it quite generously. As the solar first house rules over your general health as well, you would be compelled to change your lifestyle, diet and health habits. With the pandemic around this would be quite a beginning to behold for now. Look out for occasional intuitions regarding your career and relationships, follow your gut instincts. However be cautious when you share your personal secrets with those around this year.


Neptune would be in Aquarius till February 2nd and then it moves over to your 11th house of Pisces in 2022. During its transit through your 10th house you would have undergone many transformations in your career life. Neptune is known for creativity, illusion and inspiration, hence look out for clues from the past 14 year period when it transited through your 10th . With Neptune in your 11th house you would be able to connect and make many new friends. And some of them might be an inspiration and others might trouble you and bring about trust issues. Be a little cautious on your friendships this year. Neptune through the 11th house would inspire Taurus folks to start important group ventures that would be beneficial to the society on the whole. Be an inspiration for people around you using this transit powers.


Pluto transits your 9th house of Capricorn during this year 2022. The 9th house is all about knowledge and higher learning and prosperity. Pluto would be here for the next four year period, hence this would be a great time to return to school if that had been on your mind for long. Pluto in 9th house also emphasizes your spiritual side, legal affairs and long distant travels for the period. Though the latter is not quite advisable for now, owing to the Corona virus scare across the globe, you can learn new cultures through social media or books. This transit of Pluto would help you to question some long-held beliefs in your circle of life.



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