2022 Scorpio Planetary Influences



For the year 2022, the planets would affect the Scorpio folks in a mixed way, there would be both negatives and positives. Do take good advantage of the current planetary influences. Your power and authority get greatly enhanced this year as also your mental strength and analytical skills. Research and investigating talents of the natives would be at its best this period.

Through the year, Scorpio natives would develop an interest in the deep secrets of anything. The planets now would guide you away from any sort of negative thoughts, worries and anxieties. You would be better able to manipulate people and the rewards of your hard work and labour would now see the light of the day as the year progresses thanks to the planetary influences on your sun sign.


For the year 2022, Mercury would be retrograding in the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. In January 2022, the retrograde occurs in Aquarius your 4th house. This might meddle with your domestic welfare and happiness. In May 2022, the retrograde happens in your 8th house of Gemini and in September Mercury retrogrades in the zodiac sign of Libra, your 12th house. Then your overseas ambitions might be delayed and hindered. Overall, the Scorpios would be almost immune to the retrogrades of Mercury. There would not be any major impacts on the way you communicate as you are not more bent on this now. Mercury might hinder the career prospects as it would affect the way you interact with peers and authorities in workplace. However there would not be any major career stalemates. Be patient and approach issues with a diplomatic bend. Also during the retrograde periods, Scorpio natives are advised not to be sarcastic and ironic as it might affect relationships.


Venus would be retrograding in the year 2022. This might make you get detached from all your desires and wishes. Ad this might bring about unhappiness, worries and anxieties with respect to your relationship prospects. You might get to know some long lost secrets about your partner or spouse that might turn your relationships sour. It would be affecting your balance of emotions and feelings. Lay low and wait for Venus to go direct.


Mars, your ruling planet would go retrograde during the last quarter of the year 2022. This might affect the life of the natives. Though you seem to be determined in your work, with time you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the delays and hindrances your encounter thanks to the retrograde effects of Mars. This might stall your projects and they would not be able to see the light of day till Mars goes direct. Mars starts the year in your 2nd house of Sagittarius, and this at the least assures financial goodness and family welfare for the Scorpio natives.


In 2022, Jupiter transits from your 5th house of Pisces to the 6th house of Aries in May. This would improve your love life and finances. Children, if any would be a source of strength and support for Scorpios this year. Success in speculative deals are also on the cards. Then when Jupiter transits to the 6th house in May, your financials would further improve and debts and bad loans would vanish. You would feel more secure now. All your work efforts would give you good results and gains in life expands. You would be understanding your self-worth and new possibilities for personal and professional growth comes. However do not indulge, bank on your resources and find ways to improve your academics and skill sets this year.


In 2022, Saturn transits it own house of Aquarius, which happens to be your 4th house. Saturn as always would be a tough master and disciplinarian challenging your performance. Scorpios into studies would do well in their pursuits, well aided by Saturn. Be hopeful and discipline yourself. There would be troubles in your domestic front. This would be a good period to spend quality time with your family and get to know them better, you might even find a long lost relative. Saturn also aids in healing and amending relations with family members. Some Scorpios might be able to at last buy their dream home and the other natives might set in for a major renovation program for their abode these days.


Uranus spends this year in Taurus, your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. Uranus is the planet of change and brings about marked changes in your love life or marriage. The conditions around your love life would be altered quite drastically much to your dismay. Expect the unexpected in your relationship area all this year. There would be new avenues opening up to improve your love as well. Your perspective about love and marriage would change resulting in your re-routing of your love path. The 7th house also rules over partnership deals and this promotes teamwork. Find out areas where joint ventures would be gainful for you, where stress would be distributed amicably with the other members as well. Overall, Uranus would be bringing about changes around and your idea about love, marriage would be on a different level, some Scorpios might settle for an unconventional relationship these days.


Neptune in Aquarius transits to the house of Pisces on the 3rd of February 2022. Home and family life would be influenced for the first one month period. Use this time to complete any home renovation works or issues related to home and domestic affairs. Take this time to think more about your family, your loved ones and your relationship with them. Any relationship issues that has been lingering on can be now looked into and solved. Once Neptune transits to your 5th house, it would be there for as much as about 14 years. This would turn the focus on speculation, love and children. Neptune also governs your spiritual side. Be wary of your love pursuits as sometimes things might be deceptive. You can make mistakes easily and it might cost your whole life. Also beware of your finances, do not venture into any fraudulent schemes. You might be made to bite the dust later on. This would be a good time for Scorpios to invest in the life of their children and mould them into good citizens with all the deceptions around them. Neptune through Pisces helps to harness your creative energy in a positive spirit too this year.


Pluto would be continuing its long journey, in your 3rd house of Capricorn. This transit would make you question about the purpose and meaning of life and how you can utilize your full potential. Pluto helps you to discover your hidden talents and wards off anything that is deterrent towards your growth and development. It also motivates you to do something that might attract attention or bring you to the limelight. As the 3rd house rules siblings, the relationship with them would be emphasized now. You might contribute to your society or neighbourhood as well. Community works would give you lots of satisfaction and new acquaintances. In a way, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn would make you a great influencer of people making lives better.



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