2022 Libra Planetary Influences



For the year 2022, Libra natives would be in for a new vision of things and life around them thanks to the planetary influences for the period. This would be a year of relationships, your personal and professional connections are highlighted for the period. All this year you would be striving to bring about balance between the both with the help of the planetary energy around.

The year might be a time of emotional imbalance for some Libras with the planets swaying over you. You would be more dominated by feelings and emotions. Make sure that you utilize the planetary energies in store for you in a positive sense.


Mercury would be retrograding for three times in 2022 as always. In September 2022, it goes retrograde in your sign. This might bring about a period of denial, refusal and emotional uncertainty for the Libra folks. During this three week period you would be ruled over by your feelings. Natives are advised to make peace with the situation and things around and learn that certain things ought to be taken as they are and there is no way you can control or manipulate the same. Avoid all sorts of legal and financial deals for the period. Mercury would also be retrograding in January and May 2022 when the above conditions hold good. Lay low and play it safe for the periods.


Your ruling planet of Venus would be retrograding all through this year of 2022. Hence you might feel hindered and blockages appear in your career and love life. Your professional life might be in for a rude shock and there would be troubles galore. Also your finances would take a beating. You would feel the urge to indulge and spend more money, particularly on family and friends. Take it slow, do not yield to the financial fancies around. Wait for Venus to go Direct for better outcomes. Venus would be starting the year in your 4th house of Capricorn. This might affect your domestic welfare and happiness too.


In 2022, Mars goes retrograde during the last quarter between October and December. It brings about some stress and tension in your financial deals. Mars would be changing the way you make money and use money. It would guide you towards an old unfinished task that might rope in some financial gains. This Mars retrograde would bring unwanted expenditure from all quarters, be on vigil.


In the year 2022, Jupiter the planet of expansion and wisdom would be transiting from your 6th of Pisces to the 7th house of Aries in May. During this period, Jupiter would bring about safety and security in your personal life. There would be a boost to your energy levels and you would be able to perform in most areas of your life . The transit to the 7th house emphasizes love and marital affairs. There would be betterment in your personal relationship this year. However the transit from the 6th house might meddle with your general health and well-being. Hence do focus on health and hygiene.


Saturn transits the 5th house of Aquarius for Libra people in 2022 . This would give the emphasize on your social and interpersonal relationships. You would be changing your life style and altering certain living standards thanks to the transit of Saturn. Saturn in Aquarius is a favourable position for Libras. It inspires you to perform better. Saturn helps you to focus on an important venture that would highlight your creativity and bring you to the fore or the limelight. It disciplines you to keep working . The way you enjoy life and have fun would be changed much drastically this year. Romance and marital bliss are promised. Saturn promises conception or the birth of a child in the family as well being placed in your 5th house. Some fertility problems might arise, but medical intervention would help. Speculation is favored due to the presence of Saturn in your 5th house, butdo not expect a windfall, only hard work and commitment would pay you rich dividends.


This year, Uranus would be in your 8th house of Taurus. It would promote freedom of choice and expression for Libra people. Though your love is balanced, peace and harmony prevails, this year Uranus might bring in the unpredictable in your life. Change is on the cards for almost all major phases of your life. Major changes can be expected in the relationship front of Libras this year. The changes would not be a drastic one, it would be subtle and a slow process. Natives ought to have a positive attitude to encumber this change of life. Use this energy and position of Uranus to better your relationship. This transit of Uranus would be best manifested in the way you go about your domestic life. Uranus’ transit through your 8th house would bring about many new acquaintances into your fold this year. With your changing interests and desires you would be pruning your relationship as well. And your relationships this year, would be moulding your future for the days ahead.


In 2022, Neptune transits from your 5th to 6th house as the month of February starts. Hence use the whole of January 2022 to complete your creative projects that are on the table. Also give ample time for your children and love relationships. Romance and conjugal felicity would be at its best for the one month period. Enjoy this fascinating period with your spouse or partner. Then on the 3rd of February, Neptune would be transiting to your 6th house and would be staying here for the next 14 years period, a major and long stint. That would be a period of disappointments, illusion and confusion. However there would be bouts of compassionate and uplifting moments as well. Natives are advised to keep a distance with peers in workplace and keep doing better in their career target. Those in the healthcare industry would see favorbale times during this transit period. Neptune in Pisces would further your creative pursuits. The way you perceive things would be altered dramatically this period. Use your analytical thinking and imagination to do things that are out of the box and this would get you into the good books in history.


Pluto would be in your 4th house of Capricorn in the year 2022. It would bring about significant changes in your domestic front and home life. A positive change is on the lines. Some Libras would be building their own dream home and some might begin a makeover of their living space. Relocation on the cards for some aspiring Libras too. Pluto would help you to resolve certain unresolved things from your childhood. It guides you in tracing your lost lineage and bring relationships back on track. Your focus and determination in personal and professional life would be much boosted by the influence of Pluto transiting through your 4th house of Capricorn this year.



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