2022 Sagittarius Planetary Influences



This would be one of the best years for Sagittarius folks thanks to Jupiter’s position in Pisces. It would give all the help you need to make some of the biggest things ever to happen in your life. The position of Saturn in Aquarius, your third house however would be negatively impacting you in mid-year when it goes retrograde. This might cause untold troubles in your family life. With the start of the year, Mars would be entering your dominion. This would awaken your senses and give you extra energy.

It promises a remarkable period for you wherein you get the strongest of desires to achieve greater things in life. Quite a mixed box of influences are in store for the natives this year.


This year, when Mercury is retrograde, it will be a period of less anxiety for the Sages when compared to the other zodiac signs. With the start of the year, Mercury would be retrograding in your sign, then in May it retrogrades in Gemini, in September in the house of Libra and finally in your 2nd house of Capricorn when 2022 unwinds. Domestic welfare assured and travel and adventure on the cards. But then Sages are advised to avoid long tiresome journeys and be cautious when they travel.


Venus retrogrades in your 12th house for the whole of the year 2022. This would ask for expending much of your mental energy and power. Lots of confusion would prevail and you would find trouble in communication. Happiness and domestic peace would be eluding you these days. You might find that solitude and religious inclination give you the much hyped inner peace that almost everyone is talking about. But then around the year end, you would be able to make some new life decisions.


Mars transits through the zodiac sky as always and stands to affect the life of Sagittarius people through the year 2022. Mars retrogrades in the house of Aries and this would interfere with your career life. Delays and hindrances abound in this area. The retrograde happens during the last quarter of the year when you would be asked to re-evaluate or reorganize some of your work plans.


Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius this year. This would make you more worried or concerned about financial and domestic security. It would not be a cake walk in the financial front, some hard work ought to be done being asked for by Saturn. However Saturn revs up your spirit and fuels you with an ambitious spirit. It advises you to save more resources for tough times ahead. Hence you would be more stringent in matters related to money. Do not overlook your bare minimum living standard though.


For the year 2022 Uranus transits through the house of Taurus and would go retrograde in mid-August. This would greatly impact the love life of the Sages. This would be a great time to take some chances in your love and marriage. You would be able to get to know your partner better now. Your 6th continues to be influenced by Uranus this year. Financials might get a beating, be cautious. Do not indulge with your finances, instead bank on any resources that you come across. Losses and debts loom around if you are not wary of your finances this year. Uranus in the 6th house also indicates possible chances of diseases and illnesses for he natives. It would bring about unwanted expenditure of sorts. Use this position of Uranus to invest your finances wisely and be conservative. Preventive medical help can also be resorted to.


As 2022 starts, Neptune would be in your 3rd house of Aquarius and it transits to your 4th house of Pisces as February starts. This would be influencing your communication and your relationship with siblings. Neptune stands for your creative pursuits and helps you to come up with novel ideas that would just amaze you. It ignites your intuition these days. Then its transition to the 4th house brings the focus back on domestic and family life of the native. This would be a long stint for Neptune in Pisces. Use this transit of Neptune to make renovations to your home. There might be some misunderstandings in your family life, mind your words and stay clear of troubles. This Neptune transit can be used to attend to any familial issues that had been haunting you for quite sometime now. Neptune helps you to get more passionate and compassionate these days.


Pluto continues it stint in Capricorn which happens to be your 2nd house of family welfare and finances. Pluto guides you to stay safe with your finances and make changes to your already existing budgetary plans. This would be a good time to invest wisely in some long term plans. Natives are also advised to insure their belongings against any unforeseen event that might bring about a financial catastrophe. Not a time to gamble and hence stay clear of speculative deals for the year. Pluto asks you to decide on whether something is your desire or need, in this way you can cut on major expenditure through the year. Alternatively your skills and talents can be honed and fine-tuned during this Pluto transit period.

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