2022 Capricorn Planetary Influences



This year, the planets continue their sway over the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Natives’ love, luck, career and lifestyle stand to get influenced by the planetary alignments through the year. As the year starts, your 12th house of Sagittarius would be influenced by the transit of Mars. This highlights that the focu is on your life goals. In April, the transit of Saturn in its own sign influences your work, it would be harder than usual. After April, things shall turn in your favor.

The aspect of the 3rd Lord to your house of gains and income would bless you with good resources for the year. Uranus retrograding for the period would add spice to your life. Pluto retrogrades between April end and the first week of October in your own sign. This brings about some inner transformations.


Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius starting from January 14, 2022, and will cause difficulties in organizing your activities and meeting deadlines, and you will be a bit undecided between options and priorities. It then retrogrades in Gemini in May, then in the sign of Libra in September and finally in your sign as the year ends in December. This might delay and hinder your communication and learning process.


Venus retrogrades in Capricorn in January 2022, and it will make your old love stories crumble. When this planet of love and money is in retrograde motion, the love life of Capricorns gets tested. Be cautious of your love moves and marital relations. Finances need to be attended to with caution too.


Due to Mars’ entry in Capricorn, the people born in this sign will have more vitality and healthy and great energy. They will be more motivated than ever to make a lot of changes in their lives, to have wider ambitions and superior visions of the future.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion and knowledge transits your 3rd house of Pisces till May and then transits to your 4th house of Aries. This facilitates your relationship with siblings to be quite smooth for the first four months of the year. Then its transit to the 4th house highlights domestic welfare and happiness. It guides you to better focus on home and its welfare for the rest of the year.


For the year 2022, Saturn or Shani, the planet of restrictions and delays moves through your 2nd house of Aquarius, which happens to be its own house. Though it is comfortably placed, it continues to influence your family welfare and finances through the year. There would be troubles in familial relationships. Though you would be making more money, you would find it quite difficult to save some resources, play it safe.


Uranus would be transiting the 5th house of Taurus in 2022 for Capricorn folks. It would be retrograding as well this year and this would add value and worth to your life. Your dreams become reality and you can go on some of life’s greatest adventure through the year. Joyful days are ahead thanks to the influence of Uranus on Capricorn natives. The Uranus energy would be much pronounced when it meets the Sun in May-June 2022. There would be strong urge in your love affairs, luck and anything that has to do with children in your life. You would be able to dig deep through life’s purposes and enhance your freedom and independence in life.


Neptune would be in Aquarius, your 2nd house till the start of February 2022. This would influence your personal resources, including what you value in life, your income flow, your spending and saving habits and way you handle your debts and losses. This period you would be inspired to make just more money. Some of the best learning experiences with money would be learned now. Then as February starts, Neptune transits to your 3rd house of Pisces for a long stint over there. This influences your relationship with siblings and neighbours and focuses your energy on communication. Your creativity would be greatly enhanced this period thanks to Neptune. Do note that Neptune is a planet of illusion and confusion and hence might interfere with your relationships.


Pluto continues its slow trip through your sign this year, and you’ll be influenced by its transformative energy. Use the energy of Pluto to accomplish some of your life goals through the year. Pluto has the distinction to alter or reshape your attitude your life and the roles you play in your relationship. Pluto advises you to encourage your partner or spouse in his or her interests that would further strengthen your relationship in the long run. Pluto would be in retrograde motion between the April end and the start of October in your sign. This would exert some pressure on the natives and it would be for a long time, say about 16 years. Pluto helps Capricorn natives to transform themselves more spiritually now. However for the materialistic folks, things would be quite tough to comprehend. They are also in for a spiritual awakening after some unpleasant events in life.

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