2022 Aries Planetary Influences



In 2022, Jupiter would be in sextile relation (60 deg) with Neptune. This is a benefic aspect and guides the Aries natives to bring out their creativity to the fore. Also you would be able to express your love or feelings better than ever before. Also Chiron, the healer would be retrograding in your sign from mid-July to mid-December, do expect some healing on a personal level.

Mars and Venus

Mars and Venus rule over your love or marriage prospects for the year ahead. For the first quarter of the year these two planets support your development in personal life and uphold your social standing. In April, Venus , the planet of romance transits through your house and this brings about much romance. You would be easily able to seduce potential partners into your fold. Mars your lord would go retrograde between mid September and mid- November in 2022. This would put a brake to your plans, you would feel stuck somewhere. Frustrations and impatience come in, but natives ought to be patient and let time do the talking.


Jupiter would be transiting your 12th house of Pisces till May 2022. This might bring about unwanted expenditure into your hands, hospitalizations likely and there are chances for some law suits as well. Then in mid- May, it transits to your solar home. This would bring about god tidings for Aries folks. You would be finding satisfaction in work, new job positions come for you and all your efforts would be rewarded for the rest of the year, thanks to this position of Jupiter.


In 2022, Saturn would be transiting the 11th house of gains for Aries natives. This forms a good beneficial aspect (sextile ) to your sign and brings about goodness. The position of Saturn would improve your energy levels slowly and there would be better stability around, though growth is on the cards. Natives who are into relationships would be finally able to settle down as a family. There would be better prospects in your professional life as well. Your financials would be very good and there would be excellent results in all areas of your life. Saturn’s transit for the year would make you more intelligent, more armed and better prepared for any troubles ahead.


Uranus transits through your 2nd house of Taurus all this year. Uranus has the guts to make you topple your life and your finances upside down, hence be wary. You would have an impatient urge to take certain things under your control. All this year, the unexpected would be at your doorstep. However you are advised you to make some personal changes in your life. This could be an image overhaul or a desire to make amends to your present professional path. Uranus brings about new experiences for you. Aries natives would get a new freedom that they have been earning for, perhaps some financial independence as well, use it in a constructive manner.


Neptune transits your 12th house of Pisces this year. This transit would be for a period of about 14 years. Pisces is the abode or home of Neptune and hence it would be quite comfortable in this position for long. Neptune encourages you to become more involved for a good cause, some social or charity works would be a good bet. You may also volunteer and become a care-giver during these tough pandemic times. However Neptune also makes you to look to your inner being despite the hectic schedule around. Some sort of meditation or spiritual respite would do wonders during this period. Neptune in Pisces also is related to all hidden or behind the scene activities. Hence beware of such things that might spoil your general repute during the year. Honesty and a disciplined life are the much sought after things for you this year. Do develop your spiritual side as well and develop an inner faith in a supreme power if you did not have such a belief till now. Be true to yourself and the world around.


Transformative Pluto is in Capricorn, your solar Tenth House of career and status. This would bring about extremes in your professional path, either there would be a fortune or there might be a major downfall, be prepared for the unexpected. It would bring about enormous changes in the world around you that would indirectly affect your own personal life. It brings about major transformations for you. The effect of Pluto would be much pronounced when it meets the Sun during its transit. Through the year, there might be major career reforms and power struggles for you. Aries folks are advised to raise above all these and nurture their professional ambitions.



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