2022 Pisces Planetary Influences



This is a great year for Pisces folks, with some of the best planetary influences around. Both of your planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, are having a rare meet-up in your sign, and this would bless you quite abundantly. The other planets continue to show their influence on your sign all this year as always. Gear up for some of the greatest cosmic events lined up for you.


The four periods when Mercury is retrograde for the year 2022 asks the Pisces folks to set their life in order. Do put your deals on paper and ink as everything else might fade. These Mercury retrograde phases would make you explode with vengeance and anger. All of your choked up emotions would now be thrown out overwhelming those around you. For the retrograde periods, Pisces are asked to behave, control their feelings and stick to their opinions. Think before you talk and plan before you act, in this way, you could save yourself from future headaches.


Between the start of April and the start of May 2022, Venus, the planet of love and emotions would be visiting your sign. This would be a great period for manifestation for the Pisces guys. During this time you would grow in all areas of your life. You would be inclined towards the spiritual realm as well. Particularly relationships get enhanced and you go up in your creative level.


Mars would be transiting to your 10th house of Sagittarius during mid-January of 2022. This would bring about a sense of purpose and determination for Pisces people. Quite a beneficial period for the natives, which they can use wisely for their benefit in the larger interest of their future.


As the year 2022 starts, Jupiter would be transiting your 11th house of Aquarius. This would give emphasis on the gains in life, you relationship with friends and the like. Then during mid-April, 2022, Jupiter transits to Pisces, your homestead. This marks an important chapter in your life. Now you can concentrate on your personal development and growth. And when Jupiter goes retrograde you would be made to change the way you perceive success and failures in life.


Saturn travels through the 12th house of Aquarius for Pisces guys in 2022. This helps you to bring a conclusion to some of the current events in your life. Some of your pains would disappear these days. Your spiritual inclination would be at its best for now. A good time to introspect and better your intuitive abilities. Medical issues abound at home through the year. However there would be no major impacts, this brings about a shift in the way you perceive life. This is a time for healing and cleansing and bringing something new into your fold. Stay away from doing anything illegal, you are most likely to be caught.


Uranus transits through your third house of Taurus for the year 2022. This brings the emphasis on your relations with siblings and neighbours and how you manage it with ease. Be honest in your ties. Uranus would be motivating you to make the necessary changes in this area and that applies for both the short and the long term.


Neptune transits your 12th house of Aquarius till the start of February and then moves to your own sign. Neptune’s travel through your solar 12th house would help you to improve your social life. It would also nurture your senses and give time for some inner study. Neptune also encourages you to participate or volunteer for some social or charity works. Then it starts it long sojourn through you sign. Neptune inspires you and improves your faith thus increasing your self-confidence and esteem. It would help you to become one with yourself and benefits your relationships. However do not yield to the whims and fancies of those around, do not let them use you. Through the year, Neptune also brings about illusions and confusions of sorts. It teaches you some of life lessons, take life easy and keep going.


In 2022, Pluto transits your 11th house of Capricorn. This transit of Pluto would develop a fear of relationship in Pisces people. You are predisposed to daydreaming and devoted that you might turn violent these days, if you are cheated in relationships. You are not one to compromise on beliefs for this period, thanks to the influence of Pluto around. However Pluto in your 11th house brings friendship into focus. Friends would be a great source of strength and support for you. Through the year, you would be able to make some good gainful connections in life. But then beware of false friends and frauds around. Some of you might be given the task of leading an organisation or team, tread cautiously. Do lead others, but do not dictate terms, this might earn you enemies. This is a good time to improve your skills for a better future.

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