2022 Aquarius Planetary Influences



This year, your rulers Saturn and Uranus would be clashing with the Moon’s Node bringing about a change in you. And this change would be permanent, a very rare part of your journey, so just make the most out of this period. The luminaries Sun and Moon continue to hold their sway over your house through the year as always, however the effects of the Sun would be maximum when it transits your sign in January end to February end.

Uranus retrograding would also be bringing about major changes in your life this period. There would be satisfaction in your relationship and you would make a marked difference in your contribution to the society as a whole this year.


As the year 2022 starts, Mercury the planet of communication would go retrograde in your sign. This brings about lots of frustration in your life as your communications and relationships get disturbed much. There would be a sense of negativity around and you would find that the art of discernment had just vanished from you. But do not be carried away by the present troubles. There are always solutions and quick fixes. Look out for some positivity around, lay low and wait for Mercury to go direct. Through the year, Mercury would be retrograding in Gemini during May, in Libra during September and finally in Capricorn as the year ends and these phases also stand to disrupt your life for a few week’s period.


Venus retrogrades in Capricorn in January 2022 and this tends to affect your life that has to do with the 12th house. Particularly you are in for some sorrows and troubles from hidden enemies. Your spiritual side might also get sidelined, be cautious.


Mars’ transit through Aquarius starting from April, 2022 will bring plenty of luck in your life. Natives will be very ambitious, and the circumstances seem to support their actions. Everything will be in their favor in 2022, which means that they have all the right reasons to continue with their plans. There would be no dearth of power, energy and courage these days.


Jupiter would be transiting Pisces, your 2nd house till May 2022. Being the planet of expansion, it would help expand your financial base for the period. There would be good inflow of funds and your finances improve. Then in May, Jupiter moves over to the house of Aries, which happens to be your 3rd house. This would change the way you interact with your siblings and relatives. Relationship with neighbours would also be much cordial through the year. Jupiter is in retrograde motion in Capricorn between mid-May and mid- September, and it will determine you to re-evaluate all your friendship relationships and to decide which are worthy of maintaining.


Saturn goes retrograde in your house during the start of June 2022. This would bring about a rebalance in your life. There would be many favorable changes in the way you conduct your life. Saturn stays in your house all through the year. Hence you might feel some restriction of sorts but in a positive sense though.


Uranus is on its transit through the house of Taurus, which is your solar fourth. This would affect your domestic life in general. Family welfare and happiness would be at stake for the period. Also you might find that real estate or landed property deals materializing for the year thus influencing your financials. The effects of Uranus would be more seen when the luminary Sun meets Uranus during April- May 2022. This would be a good time to focus on renovating your home or getting some repairs done on your nest.


Neptune completes its stint in your home as February 2022 unfolds. Use these final days of Neptune in your sign to reflect on your life, the lessons you have learned so far and what your hold of esteem in life. This would be a great source of inspiration to tread ahead in style. Then in February 2022, Neptune transits to your 2nd house of Pisces. This would influence your finances, your income flow, your savings and expenditure in a major way. At times there might be tough situations when your finances would be thrown to the wind. Devise a practical budget and stick to it through thick and thin. This would help you to move ahead through the year without much financial hassles. Neptune is known to bring about confusions of sorts. However its transit through the 2nd house would give you just the right amount of resources you need in life, not more, not less. Keep pursuing your dreams in life and keep working.


Pluto, the slowest moving planet in the Zodiac, continues in Capricorn, your solar Twelfth House for the year 2022. This is your house of self-renewal and it works quite immensely for the year ahead. Through the year, you would learn, that you have to come to terms with the issues, both resolved and unresolved. You would be able to find a new meaning to your life these days. This transit of Pluto through your 12th house would help you to examine how you perform under stress. You would learn a lot and bring the best of you outside. You are known to get bored easily, you do not have any sort of tolerance and this transit of Pluto might make you quite selfish and patient these days. Do note that these two traits are needed to keep your relationships alive.

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