2022 Virgo Planetary Influences



For the year 2022, the planets bring about a dramatic transformation in the lives of Virgo folks. All through the year, the Sun passes through the zodiac staying in one house for about a month or so and affecting the personality and nature of Virgos. The Moon as always moves between houses for every three days or so interfering with the emotions of the Virgos. Mars and Venus continue to meddle with the love life or marriage of the natives.


During the year 2022, Venus would start retrograding from your house of trips to your house of money. Hence natives are advised to be cautious while travelling and also be wary of their financial moves. Through the retrograde period, you might make mistakes, hence keep your eyes and ears open. Not a time to initiate anything, particularly like starting a new financial move. There would be trouble with siblings, relatives or friends too during the Venus retrograde period. During the last two months of the year, the transit of Venus holds greater importance for you.


This year, Virgo stays in your 7th house of Pisces till around the middle and then transits to your 8th house of Aries. This improves your love life or marriage. There would be new additions to the family by way of marriage or birth of children. Though there would be some incompatible issues at home, you would be able to sort them out and iron the differences in course of time. Quite a positive atmosphere would prevail in your love. Later on it transits to your 8th house of Aries. This is not a favourable position and points to some deaths or diseases at home. Your longevity might be put to test. Be cautious of your health ailments during this time. Jupiter transiting your 8th house might bring about a secret to the fore and be prepared for unexpected events in your life too.


In 2022, Saturn would be travelling through your 6th house of Aquarius. For the past year, it was in trine (120 deg) with your sign in Capricorn and greatly strengthened you. Now with this transit, Saturn is not a benefic for you. However the past would have given you lessons of experiences. It would have given you the confidence to forge ahead. Though you ought to go through periods of trials and temptations, you would be mature enough to handle them with ease. You would be financially stable this year thanks to the thrifty practices you had followed of late. Those in marriage or love relationship would be able to continue with their routine life. And the single Virgos better stay as single for now. Saturn would guide you in choosing a mature partner in course of time.


Uranus transits your 9th house of Taurus for the year 2022. This is the house of prosperity and Uranus would help you with your investments and real estate deals. It helps you in framing some long term financial commitments which would be beneficial in the long run. However the other planets around might meddle with your finances and ask you to splurge, be cautious. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and so be prepared for anything untoward in this area. This is not a time to risk with your finances. Do bank on your resources. Do not yield to any financial frauds or lures around. Some luck and fortune are also on the cards thanks to Uranus hovering in your solar 9th house.


Neptune transits the house of Aquarius for the whole of January 2022 and then moves over to the next house of Pisces on the 2nd of February and this happens to be your 7th house. Neptune’s transit through your 6th house of Aquarius would have brought about financial and health issues for Virgo folks. In Pisces, Neptune would enhance the marital or love life of some Virgos and steer some folks through the wrong path. Do not be hasty and impulsive in choosing relationships for now. Also do not expect too much from your partner. Be slow and when Neptune comes in contact with the luminary Sun, there might be some luck in your relationship area. Better to keep your options open as far as relationships are concerned for the year 2022.


In 2022, Pluto would be advancing through your solar fifth house of Capricorn. This transit of Pluto enhances your creative skills and guides you in taking some skill improving studies. With time, you become skilled and well-versed in this new hobby of yours which might turn into a money-spinner for some Virgo folks. Pluto through Capricorn betters your relationship with your children if you happen to be a parent. You would be asked not to be too harsh with them, and instead to give them the required freedom to perform in their own respective lives. Be watchful over them though as they might stray or drift away particularly if they are in their teens.

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