2022 Cancer Planetary Influences



The planetary positions for the year 2022 are most likely to affect the career or profession of Cancer folks as their 10th house of Aries stands to get much of the planetary influences for the period. Natives are called onto keep working much harder and to put in more effort in this area this year.


Mars is the 5th and 10th house lord for Cancer natives. During year 2022, the period when Mars retrogrades would be very tough and critical for them. They would go through periods of trials and turbulences, but then they would be learning a lot of life lessons these days. The Mars retrograde periods would be times when the natives are asked to be vigilant of their boundaries and limits in their personal and professional relations.


As the year starts, Jupiter would be in the 9th house of Pisces for Cancer people and then transits to the 10th house of Aries around the middle of May. This year, Jupiter in conjunction (0 deg) with the planet Pluto enables the Cancer folks to gains access to much information and knowledge. This conjunction guides them to learn a lot of new skills. Jupiter traversing your houses of higher learning and career would be quite a tough period. Though you put in much effort the rewards would not be that tangible these days. However this Jupiter transit period is a good time to start a new habit be in personal and professional for Cancer people. Also Jupiter enables Cancer folks to better communicate and establish new contacts that would be quite beneficial for them in the long run.


In 2022, Saturn would be transiting your 8th house of Aquarius. Last year it would have been in opposition (180 deg) to your solar home and would have restricted you being in Capricorn. The opposition of Saturn would have moulded you into the stronger you , Cancer. Now, however you have the full freedom to live your life. This transit is a positive time for you, after a period of hard work and struggles. Now with a sense of positivity and optimism setting in, you can start works on new projects with renewed energy levels. Be wary of how you would be able to meet the needs of your family. And Saturn in sextile relation (60 deg) with Uranus makes sure thatUranus does not meddle with you much. Saturn supports your professional aspirations this year, with the support of Jupiter. During 2022, Cancer folks would see a renewed health regimen thanks to proper medical intervention.


Uranus transits through your 11th house of Taurus this year. This would bring about gains and unexpected positive results for Cancer natives. Though certain disruptions would be seen those would be on the anvil keeping the future into consideration. This Uranus transit improves your financial security. Through the year you would be able to make new gainful acquaintances. However beware of false friends and accusations. Sudden career changes can be expected around the middle of the year.


As the year 2022 starts, Neptune would be in your 8th house of Aquarius and then as February 2022 starts, it transits to your 9th house of Pisces. Neptune’s move through your 8th house would be affecting your joint finances. Try to resolve them before February starts. Then Neptune’s transit through Pisces favors higher learning. If you had left your higher studies in the back burner, now is the time to reve it up. When Neptune joins with the luminary Sun, higher learning is most favored. This is a good time to learn just about anything under the Sun, even it does not earn you any sort of gain. Neptune’s transit through your 9th house supports many long distant travels to other countries and learning of new cultures. Look out for good aspects between Saturn and Neptune to plan these travels. Beware of legal issues during this Neptune transit, as they stand unresolved for now.


Pluto continues to travel through your 7th house of Capricorn in year 2022. This would bring about changes in your relationships as new people come and go out of your life. There would be a mixed bunch of relationships, both of positive and negative influences. Whatever, you would be learning many important life lessons during this period. This makes you to better prune your relationships and keep them under check. Pluto through your 7th house makes you to reflect more on your inner self and do what satisfies you more personally rather than looking for the likes and dislikes of your near ones.

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