2023 Planetary Influences

Year 2023 promises to be a great year as far as the planetary influences on all the 12 zodiac signs are concerned. Quite an eventful year ahead, with blessed days promised for all.

As from time immemorial, the Moon swings past the zodiac signs spending roughly about 2.5 days in each sign. It would affect the way you handle your love and emotions through the year. In between the house transits the void of course period of the Moon occurs and it would be a time to better to stay put.

The other luminary Sun, spends about a month’s time in each sun sign again influencing us as it zips past the zodiac houses each month. When the Sun transits your zodiac sign, some spectacular events are predicted for you.

Next comes Mercury again with its fast movements spending about a week or two in each zodiac sign. Particularly as it transits through the zodiac sky, it would go retrograde affecting our communications and relationships. Mercury would be retrograde already in end of 2022, that it starts the year 2023 being retrograde in the 10th house of Capricorn. This year all the Mercury retrograde phases happen in earthy signs. This is a sign that we ought to stay grounded.

Mercury would be then going retrograde in the 2nd house of Taurus during April-May of 2023. Financial turbulences, delays and hindrances would be met with around this time. Yet another retrograde session is due in August-September in the sign of Virgo. This is the 6th house and Mercury is likely to interfere with our health in general. Finally Mercury ends the year on a retrograde note as well, once again in the sign of Capricorn, influencing our career path.

Venus, the planet of love and romance zips past the zodiac skies all this year, spending roughly about two to three weeks in each astrological house. In 2023, Venus would go retrograde between July-August when certain love hindrances and troubles come to the fore.

The fiery planet of Mars loads us with much energy and vigour to go past this year 2023. It gives us the power to behold. It starts the year being retrograde as it had already started this phase during end of 2022. Look out for the period when Mars transits your sun sign when you would be more assertive and independent.

Jupiter traverses the zodiac sign of Aries as the year 2023 begins. Then it moves to the sign of Taurus in May. This transit of Jupiter from the first to the second house of the zodiac sure affects the prospects of all individuals, but mostly in a positive sense. In general the finances get greatly emphasised for the period. Jupiter in Aries guides us to take new initiatives and start anything anew. In Taurus, Jupiter joins together with the outer planet of Uranus and pushes for more opportunities to change. Jupiter is in for a retrograde motions as well between September and end of year 2023 in the house of Taurus.

Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius from 2020 and now in March, 2023 it shifts to the house of Pisces. This transit aids us in being more practical towards our dreams, aspirations and spiritual pursuits. As Pisces happens to be the last sign of the zodiac cycle, this transit of Saturn asks us to let go of unwanted things and relationships from our lives. It can be taken as a time for cleansing. Saturn, the great disciplinarian retrogrades between June to November in 2023 and this might restrict our performance to a certain extent.

Uranus travels through the zodiac house of Taurus, the 2nd house all this year as it had been for quite some years now. Uranus has the distinction of bringing about major transformations in the area ruled by it. Hence our finances and family welfare get changed in a massive way this year, if we encompass the goodness of Uranus.

Pisces has been the abode of Neptune for quite a long time now and this year it continues status quo. The sign of Pisces marks the end of everything, it is a watery sign and indicates our spirituality. Neptune in Pisces would bring about certain illusions in our spirituality.

As like the other two outer planets, Pluto has been transiting the zodiac house of Capricorn for some years now. And in March 2023, it transits to the airy sign of Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius brings the focus on the future, with our efforts towards future prospects being encouraged or emphasized. It highlights what we can change for the betterment of our future and our society at large.

With the above planetary transits lined up for 2023, all the 12 zodiac signs are in for much fun-fare, goodness and joy in their lives.


As the year 2023 starts, your ruling planet Mars would be in retrograde mode and would be so till the middle of January. This makes you start the New Year on the wrong foot, there would be not much focus and your plans might go away.


Your planetary ruler Venus would be going retrograde during the late days of July till early September 2023. This might make you go off track, you might feel burnt out or overwhelmed by life around, particularly relationships. Try to take a break


For Gemini folks, year 2023 starts with Mars going retrograde in their sign. This would bring about many challenges that would call for much of your energy to be expended that you would start the year with much annoyance.


Mars enters the zodiac house of Cancer during the last days of March 2023 and would be there till the 20 th of May. This would pack the Cancer natives with much energy that they would be very excited with myriad possibilities around.


During April-May of 2023, the retrograde phase of Mercury happens in the 10 th house for Leo people hindering their career prospects for quite sometime. And yet another retrograde phase takes place in your 2 nd house of Taurus, during August-September of 2023 affecting your financial decisions and moves.


Mercury starts the year 2023 with being retrograde in your 5th house of Capricorn, it would also be ending the year again retrograding in the same sign. This is likely to impact your love prospects through the year. Luck and fortune shall elude you and those of you having children would see rebellious trends in them.


Mercury would be retrograding in the 4th house of Capricorn for Libra folks as the year 2023 starts. It would also be ending the year going retrograde once again in the same 4th house. This might impair domestic welfare and happiness for the Libras this year.


Mercury retrogrades in your 3rd house of Capricorn as the year 2023 starts. It also ends the year retrograding in Capricorn as well. During this periods there would be changes in the way you communicate or perceive ideas.There might be relationship issues


Mercury starts the year 2023 by going retrograde in the 2nd house of finances for Sagittarius natives. It also ends the year retrograding in the same 2nd house of Capricorn. This would bring about financial troubles for the natives.


Mercury retrogrades in your sign from the start of 2023 to mid-January and then again during mid-December to end the year. This brings out certain persistent issues to the fore. You would feel very impatient and unmotivated as Mercury goes retrograde in your sign.


Mercury goes retrograde in your 12th house of Capricorn both as the year 2023 starts and then again when it ends around mid-December. This brings your subconscious side to the fore. Use this period to let go off of things that are weighing you down.


Mercury would be retrograding in the 11th house of Capricorn for Pisces folks as 2023 starts and lasts till mid -January. It also retrogrades in the same house as the year ends in mid-December. This is likely to meddle with the gains you are to experience in life.

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