2023 Leo Planetary Influences



During April-May of 2023, the retrograde phase of Mercury happens in the 10 th house for Leo people hindering their career prospects for quite sometime. And yet another retrograde phase takes place in your 2 nd house of Taurus, during August-September of 2023 affecting your financial decisions and moves.

Venus, the planet of love would go retrograde in your sign between July end and the start of September 2023. This might slow you down a bit in the field of love. You would become very impatient and might lack energy and spirit. And might need a break, lay low and this is a great time if you are making a second attempt in hitching a love partner.

2023 starts with Mars retrograding in your 11 th house of Gemini till mid- January. This would interfere with your friendships and restrict gains that are due to you. A sense of uncertainty would prevail thanks to this Mars retrograde, hence do not start or initiate anything new for the first two weeks of 2023.

Mars traverses your 12 th house of Cancer between March end and the middle of May. This is your house of the subconscious state. Hence this would be a good time to work on past issues that had been haunting you and letting go off of unwanted events or memories from the past. You can rest, relax and rejuvenate your spirits during this period.

Then Mars, the fiery planet of energy would be travelling through your sign between May end the middle of July. This would load you up with much energy that this is a great time for new beginnings. Anything that drives your energy can be taken up, you would be able to act smart and be practical.

Jupiter starts the year being in your 9 th house of Aries. It would be here till the middle of May 2023. This make you more positive towards life and guides in working out your plans. Natives of Leo sun sign would be blessed with prosperity, paternal gains and opportunities for higher studies and paternal travels.

A solar eclipse is also due in your 9 th house of Aries on the 20 th of April. This further improves the sense of positive energy around and helps you to reach new goals.

Another solar eclipse takes place in mid-October and this would be highly beneficial for Leo natives and makes the last quarter quite eventful.

Leo 2023- Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

Mercury starts the year 2023 with being retrograde in your 6 th house of Capricorn. This might hinder your love prospects. For some of you an Ex might surface from nowhere brining about relationship issues. The same house hosts yet another Mercury retrograde in December during the fag end of the year.

Saturn transits through your 7 th house of love and relationship between the start of the year and the start of March. This guides you to work towards your relationships quite focussed and committed. You would have learnt many life lessons the hard way and know only those relationships that stand the test of time would be there for you.

Then in March, Saturn shifts to your 8 th house of intimacy. This brings the focus on your emotions and the healthy bonds you share with your loved ones.

Neptune also happens to transit through your 8 th house for the whole of 2023 as it had been for quite some years now. This helps you to further strengthen your relationships. Some old and deep committed relationships might be brought out the fore now and pursued.

Pluto travels through your 6 th house of Capricorn till March and then shifts to your 7 th house of love and marriage. This would bring about some serious and committed approach towards your relationships. Expect major transformations in your love and marriage after March 2023 when Pluto shifts signs.

Leo 2023 – Planetary Influences on Family

Mars gives you much energy through the year, that domestic welfare and happiness is assured. You would be able to spend quality time with your family and some of you Leos would be able to renovate your house property as well. It would be an emotionally charged happy domestic life for Leos this year.

The Lunar eclipse of May 5 th happens in your 4 th house of Scorpio and this brings out the emotional part of you. You would be more sensitive during the time and might need emotional support from family. This eclipse helps you to better connect with your family though.

Leo 2023 – Planetary Influences on Money

One of the Mercury retrograde phases in 2023 occurs in your 2 nd house of Finances, namely Taurus during August-September. This points out that your financials need to be addressed during the time. Financial hitches arise but better keep it under your control to avoid future headaches and washouts.

Leo 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

Mercury goes retrograde in your 10 th house of career, that is Taurus in April-May of 2023. This would impact your professional standing in a big way. Certain second chances would be coming your way and some of you might be switching career. Whatever, there would not be any major reforms in your career field during the period.

Mercury also goes retrograde in your work sector of Capricorn as the year starts and once again in December when 2023 ends. This makes you over-exhausted owing to work and you might need to break now. You would be handed with much work, more than you can chew that stress and strain might bother your spirits. Be prepared for some setbacks , delays and hindrances that might play spoilsport with your career prospects around this time.

For the whole of 2023, Uranus transits your 10 th house of Taurus. And Jupiter enters your 10 th house in mid-May as well. Hence this would be a great time to leverage your career prospects. You would be full of opportunities and would be rewarded amicably for your hard work till date. Some Leos would get more responsibilities as well.

Pluto in your 6 th house of work would exit it in late March. This will transform the way you handle your works. Now this position of Pluto would make you more passionate towards work.

The Lunar eclipse during the end of October 2023 would be a time for much energy and success in the career field for Leo natives. You would earn the limelight and reach new heights in the job front.

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