2023 Cancer Planetary Influences



Mars enters the zodiac house of Cancer during the last days of March 2023 and would be there till the 20 th of May. This would pack the Cancer natives with much energy that they would be very excited with myriad possibilities around. It marks the start of certain things in life, you can initiate things and keep going. Mars would be entering your 3 rd house of Virgo, that rules your mind during mid-July and stays there till late August ,2023. This helps you to form new ideas and put them into practical plans.

Mercury retrogrades in the house of Taurus, your 11 th house between April-May. This would not be a good time to take decisions regarding friendships, wait for the phase to end. Mercury again goes retrograde in the zodiac sign of Virgo, which is your 3 rd house between late August and mid-September. This might interfere with your work culture, your discipline and the way you communicate affecting relationships at large, particularly with siblings. Use the retrograde period to make some re-dos rather than resorting to starting anything new.

Uranus spends the year 2023 in your 11 th house of friends and gains. This will bring new people and acquaintances into your fold enlarging your social connections.

Neptune would be in your 9 th house of Pisces all this year. This favors higher learning and paternal links. Neptune might mar your thoughts with some negativity, keep it aside and work towards reality and positivity.

A lunar eclipse is due on the 29 th of October 2023. This packs you with much energy, that you can work towards your dreams. Soon you would be in a growing phase. If you are not passionate about something, then leave it and start pursuing something that entices you.

Cancer 2023 – Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

The year 2023 starts with Mercury going retrograde in your 7 th house of love and marriage. This would bring your relationship issues back to the fore. It also brings some Exes back in life, going after an old flame is a tough decisions for you to make around this time.

Mars would be visiting your 5 th house of love between October and November when you would be just loaded with much energy. This would support your love pursuits. It would be a good time for romance and much passionate sparks are on the cards during this Mars transit.

Saturn would have just exited this house of relationship and will further strengthen up your love relationships. Pluto has been in your 7 th house of Capricorn for quite a long time now and would be leaving it in March. Pluto is likely to bring about major changes in the way you handle relationships.

The lunar eclipse of May 5 th occurs in your house of love and this would nurture your love relationships and would bring your partner further close to you. This eclipse would also make the Cancer folks quite emotional.

Cancer 2023 – Planetary Influences on Family

Your 4 th house of home and family would be transited by Mars between August and October of 2023. This will give you much power and energy to handle family matters. During this time you would be having ample time to spend with family.

The solar eclipse of mid-October also happens in your house of home and family welfare. This would shine much light on your family side. You would be more emotionally connected with family like never before and some Cancers would have the option to expand their family as well starting this eclipse season. This would bring about certain financial challenges for Cancer natives.

Cancer 2023 – Planetary Influences on Money

Venus goes retrograde in your 2 nd house of finances, namely Taurus between the last part of July and the start of September. Unexpected expenditure stare at you from all quarters, but beware. Being frugal helps a lot during this time period.

Then Mars transits through your 2 nd house of finances between the middle of May and the middle of July. This would give you much energy to pursue your financial hunt. An apt time to make investments, plan for your financial future and occasional splurging as well.

Cancer 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

As the year 2023 starts, Jupiter would be in your 10 th house of career and stays here till the middle of May. This is a good time for the career growth of Cancer people. You can now focus on your ambitions and keep going.

The solar eclipse of mid April also happens in your career sector. This gives you extra energy and the drive to be over-ambitious professionally. A good time to plan for your career future.

During the last part of November 2023, Mars would be travelling through your 6 th house of work. This would get you lots of work done in your career part with much energy levels around. However Mercury goes retrograde in the same house and might meddle with your career moves hindering and delaying your career plans for quite sometime.

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