2023 Gemini Planetary Influences



For Gemini folks, year 2023 starts with Mars going retrograde in their sign. This would bring about many challenges that would call for much of your energy to be expended that you would start the year with much annoyance. Hence Geminis are asked to focus their energy towards productive projects and taking occasional breaks.

Jupiter would be transiting your 11 th house till the middle of May and this would bring you nee acquaintances and your social circle is likely to expand. There would also be gains in life. Then with the transit of Jupiter to your 12 th house of Taurus after mid-May, your spiritual pursuits get highlighted.

This year, your planetary ruler Mercury would be starting the year with its retrograde phase. It also goes retrograde in April-May, August- September and then again in December. All these phases would be testing your emotional side.

Venus would go retrograde in your 3 rd house of Leo between late July and early September. This would make you to lose your focus in life, you might find it difficult to control your thoughts and mind and might get lazy. Do not make major moves during this retrograde phase, else you ought to be scrambling around.

Saturn would be in your 9 th house of Aquarius till early March and then shifts to your 10 th house of Pisces. Hence as the year starts you can work towards clearing your mental blocks and then keep working hard to achieve your professional goals.

All through 2023, Uranus transits through your 12 th house of Taurus. This brings to focus your subconscious mind, you would be tuned to make some unconventional moves this year.

Pluto transits the house of Capricorn your 8 th house till March and then transits to your 9 th house of Aquarius. This gives you the power to form new ideas for your future growth. This would be a good time to connect to your beliefs and if not possible make amends to the same.

The Solar eclipse of mid-April in 2023 happens in your 11 th house of Aries. This brings you one step closer to your dreams. You would have much energy to pursue your dreams.

Then a lunar eclipse occurs during October end which would load up you with massive energy. This would help you to delve into your subconscious past and fish for something comfortable to move on.

Gemini 2023 – Planetary Influences on Love and Relationship

Mars would be entering your 7 th house of love and marriage during the last days of November, 2023. This would help to nurture your relationships in a positive way despite you having troubles in this sector for the past months. The single ones would get connected and those in a relationship or marriage would find the going quite easy and romantic.

Mercury goes retrograde in the house of Capricorn during December 2023 and this might play havoc with your relationships, hence stay strong and committed. You might have troubles in handling partners these days.

Pluto would be traversing through your 8 th house of intimacy, namely Capricorn all through 2023. It is likely to bring about massive changes in your relationship sector.

A solar eclipse is due in your 5 th house of love in mid-October. This brings about opportunities to forge new love relationships by means of professional contacts. Your love life would be a pleasant affair around this time.

Gemini 2023 – Planetary Influences on Family

Mars transits the 4 th house of family and its welfare between mid July and August, 2023 for Gemini natives and this would emphasis your family life. Look out for opportunities towards renovating or improving your house. You can also spend extra time with family members thus assuring domestic welfare and happiness.

And then Mercury would go retrograde in your 4 th house of Virgo in August-September of 2023. This would bring about home-based challenges back to the table. You need to find solutions else there might be major rifts in the domestic space. However Gemini people can focus on family around this retrograde period and try to reconnect with family members and mend fences.

Gemini 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

Saturn enters your 10 th house of career in March 2023. Neptune transits the 10 th house of Gemini for the whole of 2023. Neptune is the planet of illusion and deception while Saturn is all about ethics and hard work. Hence natives would have to find a good balance between dream and reality to get up the professional staircase. Natives can perform well if they stay committed and keep working hard aided by the energy of Saturn.

A lunar eclipse occurs in your house of work during the first week of May. This would bring about your emotions to play in your field of work. You would either put your all into it or simply get out of it.

Mars would be entering your house of work in mid-September. This will give you the energy and the drive to push ahead in your professional field. You would be able to perform well and experiment with new areas of working as well.

Gemini 2023 – Planetary Influences on Finances

Mars gets into your 2 nd house of finances in late March and stays here till the middle of May, namely in the house of Cancer. This would reward your financially. You would find multiple ways to make money this period. However beware of unexpected expenditure knocking on your doors.

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